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What Is DefDevice?

DefDevice Sdn. Bhd. is a registered company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia founded by Dano Falk in 2017. As a Digital Marketing Agency, we serve clients in Malaysia and all over the world. We specialise in creating tailor-made marketing strategies that best fit your current business needs and set you up for optimal future growth. 

What Makes Us Unique?

We understand both - the agency perspective and the business owner perspective. Because we have created, grown and run multiple businesses. All our tools and strategies have been applied, tested and optimised for our own businesses. That's why we know what works from first hand experience. 

What Clients Say:


It's just the kind of solution I needed

Dano had me set up super quickly with a FB tester's page + chatbot.
It's just the kind of solution I needed (and I think every serious Amazon seller needs) for ranking and customer feedback. I like to also learn how to do things myself, and Dano is always available to my questions, which are sometimes stupid and something complicated. Love the results and love the service!

Yani - Amazon Seller

He is an awesome guy

I have used Dano's services in regards to ManyChat bot and he is awesome.
After we had a skype call and we clarified what we need and how to create the flow he put in placed everything without me having to deal with everything. He is an awesome guy with knowledge about ManyChat and I was pleased to get what I was promised. Thank you Dano!

Mirela - Entrepreneur

I recommend working with him!

Got into contact with Dano through another seller. Down to earth and direct communication. Knows what he's doing and always willing to help you. I recommend working with him! The ranking bot first had some minor issues setting up. After that everything was smooth and after a week or so we jumped from position 20-30 to 1 with Amazon's Choice. Worked perfectly!

Henk - Amazon Seller


We didn't have an automated bot to handle a significant amount of enquiries.
From the get go, Dano was focused on the outcomes we were looking at. He worked towards our goal and helped us achieve it. He was responsive, thoughtful and had great follow up after the project had ended. He continues to provide value to our company. I would highly recommend DefDevice to anyone who is looking to improve bot automation in their business.
We managed to automate and action certain goals we had and are happy with the results.

Lucas S. - CEO

About Dano Falk - Founder Of DefDevice

dano falk bot designer

German Graphics-Designer, Web-Designer, Online-Marketer and Entrepreneur who made Malaysia his second home. He started doing 'online stuff' in 1996 and has built multiple online businesses and agencies in the past twenty-over years. 

Since 2014, he has been focusing on his Amazon private label business which he sold in September 2019. Since then he is helping Amazon sellers and other businesses with what he has learned (and keeps on learning).

My Story

about dano falk my story

Born in Ukraine and migrated to Germany in the late 70s with his family age 10, Dano was exposed to a variety of cultures from young age. He started his first business age 14: fixing bicycles. He has followed this principle ever since: discover a passion (bicycles) and build a business around it (fix broken bikes).

After finishing High School, he finally had the time to follow another passion: Jazz Music. He studied Saxophone and Piano, then picked up Sound Engineering, Music Production and DJing. Second principle: if you love something, just go and do it. Learn along the way. Don't waste time in schools.

As the internet and desk top publishing were born in the 90ies, he and his Friend started a Graphics Design company in Munich. Working with the Centris 650 Apple Computer and Photoshop 1.0 and Quark Express.

These two principles - 'Follow your passion' and 'Learn it by doing it' - lead him to founding his first Agency (DEF_DESIGN) in the year 2000. Working for big companies like Siemens, EADS and Bosch.

After falling in love with Malaysia during a vacation in 2009, he eventually moved there in 2011, started working as a DJ and freelance web designer and enjoying riding his Ducati all year long.

In 2014 he learned about selling on Amazon and was immediately fascinated with this opportunity. He joined ASM 5 and learned along the way building his private label business which he eventually sold in 2019.

After gaining his fair share of experience with creating and growing businesses, another passion surfaced: digital marketing and helping other businesses to grow by applying customised marketing strategies. This is the passion he is following today.


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