The Life Story of Ahmad Elsaadi – CEO at Ozarke

Ahmad's story is a shining example of how one can start an Ecommerce business on a limited budget and achieve rapid growth. Don't miss out on the wealth of knowledge and experience that Ahmad generously shares in this episode. Tune in and uncover the valuable gems that can propel your own entrepreneurial journey to new heights!


Ahmad Elsaadi founded Ozarke, a successful home decor company, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ahmad, who worked in oil and gas, acquired a passion for e-commerce and jumped into online shopping. Let's explore Ahmad's fascinating tale and Ozarke's important achievements.

About Ahmad Elsaadi

Ahmad is a visionary entrepreneur and the founder of Ozarke, an e-commerce company specializing in home decor, particularly lighting. With a background in Supply Chain Management and years of experience in the corporate world, Ahmad brings a unique perspective to his business. Through relentless determination, he transformed Ozarke from a hobby into a full-time venture, all while navigating the challenges of being a young father. Follow Ahmad's entrepreneurial journey on his website for insightful tips and inspiration.

Ozarke Origins

Ahmad's trip began in 2020 when the pandemic gave him more time. He entered e-commerce while working in oil and gas. Ahmad started selling online after consulting his tech-savvy relative. He discovered house decor, particularly lighting, through experimenting. At first, Ahmad is doing online selling as a hobby but eventually became his full-time business. Ahmad's first product took off with hard work, establishing the groundwork for his future success.

Growing and Branding

Ahmad built a Houston warehouse and 15 employees in three years. Ahmad prioritised customer feedback and reviews after paying $300, which helped Ozarke develop. After his son's birth, Ahmad focused more on the business. His personal and professional achievements inspired him to grow Ozarke.

Online Retail Pioneers

Ahmad was drawn to Etsy's enthusiastic customers and started selling his wares there. He realised the importance of client engagement and addressing their questions and concerns. Ahmad joined Amazon and Wayfair as Ozarke's popularity grew. However, Etsy closed his business owing to a mismatch with their handmade category, forcing Ahmad to rethink his strategy and focus more on branding.

"Ozark" to "Ozarke": A Memorable Branding Journey

Ahmad sought a unique name for his firm after realising its value. Inspired by Netflix's "Ozark," he named it "Ozarke." Ahmad understood the power of visuals to leave a lasting impression and saw the brand name and logo vision as complementary. The interviewer revealed his brand creation experience. They agreed that a strong brand presence is important and respected Ahmad's ability to turn his pastime into a full-time business despite fatherhood's hardships.

Determination and Overcoming Challenges

Ahmad's background is crucial to understanding his entrepreneurship. Ahmad, a Palestinian refugee from Lebanon, loved maths and problem-solving as a child. In third grade, he showed a fourth-grade class his advanced arithmetic skills. Ahmad moved to the US at 17 and struggled with English due to his drive. He persevered in learning and improving his language.

Education and Career Success

Ahmad continued his success at the University of Houston, where he worked many jobs to support himself. As an EMT, he left retail. Ahmad found his destiny in business after studying medicine. After graduating in Supply Chain Management, he worked at Schlumberger, an esteemed oil and gas corporation, in increasingly responsible capacities. Ahmad joined Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia to challenge himself and improve.

Taking Advantage of Change

Ahmad unexpectedly extended his two-year stay in Saudi Arabia to five years. He witnessed substantial changes, including increased openness and social connection. Ahmad was determined to create his own firm, and Saudi Arabia was the perfect place to save money and gather the resources he needed. Ahmad returned to Houston to work for Schlumberger after the pandemic. However, the well-paying position did not fulfil his business dreams, so he explored e-commerce.

Customer-Centricity and Operational Excellence

Ahmad ran Ozarke like a big corporation, using his corporate skills. The company grew via constant development, adaptability, and readiness to try new ideas. Ozarke succeeded via networking and using resources. Ahmad stressed the importance of listening to consumer feedback to enhance Ozarke goods. He also understood the importance of marketing and invested heavily in creating effective materials to reach more people.

Collaboration and Vision

Ahmad's ability to establish a staff that shared his company's goal and worked hard contributed to Ozarke's success. Ahmad understood the value of hiring industry experts with a passion for excellence. Ahmad rewards hard work and effort by encouraging staff to succeed. Ozarke's success is due to its crew.

"True fulfillment lies in the process rather than the outcome." - Ahmad Elsaadi

Exploring and Teaching

The interviewer thanks Ahmad for the enlightening talk and congratulates him on his leadership successes. Both parties acknowledge the challenges of building a business but emphasise the enormous satisfaction. Ahmad acknowledges the value in finding fulfilment in the journey rather than the result. Personal and professional progress need hands-on experience, observation, and mentorship. The conversation emphasises surrounding oneself with the proper people, both professionally and personally.

Key Takeaways

  • Dedication and Customer Feedback: Ahmad's initial investment of $300 and focus on customer feedback and reviews were pivotal in establishing a solid foundation for his business.
  • Building a Memorable Brand: By aligning his brand name, Ozarke, with his logo vision and drawing inspiration from popular culture, Ahmad created a brand that stands out in the competitive market.
  • Team Building and Continuous Improvement: Ahmad's emphasis on finding the right people, building a dedicated team, and constantly seeking improvement and innovation have been crucial to the success and growth of Ozarke.

Expert Advice

  • As an expert in this niche, I highly recommend aspiring entrepreneurs to embrace the following advice:

  • Follow your passion: Discover a niche that aligns with your interests and passion, as it will drive your motivation and commitment.

  • Leverage customer feedback: Actively listen to your customers' needs and incorporate their feedback to continually improve your products and services.

  • Build a strong team: Surround yourself with individuals who share your vision and are willing to put in the effort to make your business successful.


Ahmad's hobby, Ozarke, won. Brave, creative, and hardworking. As a passionate home decor and e-commerce expert, Ahmad's perseverance, ability to overcome impossible obstacles, and dedication to building a memorable brand fascinate me. Young parenthood and dreams inspire me.
Ahmad's customer service, feedback, and product improvements grew Ozarke. Teamwork counts! Ahmad's ability to recruit a passionate team that believed in his vision and worked hard to make Ozarke successful is remarkable. Their unbreakable bond grew the company.
Customer feedback, improvement, and like-minded people. Ahmad's story inspires entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship—crazy but possible. Success is hard but rewarding.
May your business journey be full of sweet victories, and may your dreams exceed your wildest dreams. Ahmad's incredible journey may inspire your entrepreneurial spirit.


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