Amy Wees’s Life Journey – From US Airforce to Product Sourcing Guru

Once upon a time, Amy Wees was working for the US Airforce and had a litter box problem. It was smelly. She invented a product that solved this problem.


Dano sits down with Amy Wees, a remarkable entrepreneur and influential figure in the Amazon space. Amy shares her inspiring journey of seizing new opportunities and building a thriving business. From her beginnings as a war planner in the Air Force to her success in the e-commerce world, Amy's story is filled with determination, resilience, and the power of saying "yes" to life's open doors. Through her company, Amazing at Home, Amy has been able to help countless entrepreneurs launch their brands and navigate the world of e-commerce. Her commitment to knowledge-sharing and community-building has made her a sought-after speaker and coach.
As an expert in the e-commerce niche, I find Amy's story truly valuable and inspiring. Her journey showcases the transformative power of embracing new opportunities and taking bold steps towards your goals. By sharing this video, I hope to inspire others to seize their own opportunities and unlock their full potential in the business world.

About Amy Wees

Amy Wees is an accomplished entrepreneur, e-commerce expert, and inspirational speaker. With a background in the Air Force and multiple degrees, including an MBA and a master's degree in cybersecurity, Amy brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

She is the founder of Amazing at Home, a consulting firm that helps entrepreneurs navigate the world of e-commerce and successfully launch their brands. Amy's passion for teaching and sharing her expertise has led her to become a prominent figure in the Amazon space, speaking at events and conferences worldwide. Through her work, she has empowered thousands of entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals. You can find and connect with Amy in LinkedIn

The Path to Success

Amy's commitment to embracing open doors and opportunities became a turning point in her life. Two years ago, she made a promise to herself and to a higher power that she would fearlessly explore every open door, regardless of how it initially appeared. This commitment led her to become a prominent speaker at various events and paved the way for remarkable achievements, including starting the only multi-category trade show in Latin America.

The Many Roles of Amy Wees

Amy's current endeavors are diverse and abundant. As the founder of Amazing At Home, she initially started it as a community for e-commerce sellers. However, it has evolved into a platform where she shares her knowledge and experiences. Amazing At Home serves as a resource hub, providing valuable insights to entrepreneurs and inventors. Amy's primary business revolves around her invention of a groundbreaking litter box cleaner.

A Unique Path

Amy's journey began with her determination to pursue education, as she believed it was her ticket to a better life. Balancing her military service in the United States Air Force and her studies, she embarked on a path of continuous learning. While searching for affordable textbooks on Amazon, she stumbled upon an opportunity to sell her own textbooks, sparking her interest in e-commerce.

The Birth of an Invention

Amy's chronic migraines led her to seek a solution to eliminate triggers such as the smell from the litter box. Through a series of sketches and late-night tinkering, she developed a unique prototype for a litter box cleaner. The invention provided a separate device to clean the litter box effectively, eliminating the persistent odor. Little did she know that this invention would pave the way for her successful entrepreneurial journey.

The Journey to Market Success

Bringing her product to market was not without its hurdles. Amy encountered numerous product development companies that attempted to scam her out of money. However, her resilience and determination prevailed, enabling her to successfully launch her product and generate over a million dollars in sales.

From Consulting to Coaching

Amy's experiences on her entrepreneurial journey motivated her to help others succeed. Through cold-calling manufacturers, leveraging her expertise in cybersecurity, and creating informative videos, she transformed saturated product markets by introducing new categories and keywords. As people sought her advice and guidance, Amy realized her side hustle could become a full-time career. She ventured into consulting and coaching, initially charging a modest fee for consultations, which eventually evolved into her own consulting firm, Amazing at Home.

A Remarkable Journey Continues

Amy's ability to seize opportunities has brought her to unexpected places. She recounts the overwhelming gratitude she felt during her first trip to China, meeting numerous individuals who had been following her journey. The success of her trade shows in Mexico and collaborations with industry experts like Tim Jordan further validate her vision. Amy's dedication to surrounding herself with individuals possessing diverse skills and strengths has played a pivotal role in her achievements.

It's not to say that I don't get stressed out, it's not to say that my businesses sometimes don't take take over and you know become their own monsters. My Mantra all this time has been enjoy the journey! - Amy Wees

Amy's Mantra and Wisdom

Amy's mantra, "enjoy the journey," serves as a reminder to appreciate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. While acknowledging the inevitable stresses and challenges, she emphasizes the importance of maintaining focus on the ultimate goal. Amy's military background has influenced her planning and organizational skills, allowing her to address obstacles with clarity and purpose. By shifting the focus from the overwhelming to-do list to the desired outcomes, entrepreneurs can regain clarity and productivity.

Buying Back Time

Amy recommends the book "Buy Back Your Time" by Dan Martell, a resource that has greatly influenced her entrepreneurial journey. This book delves into strategies for optimizing time, including creating efficient sales funnels and communicating effectively with your target audience. Amy's endorsement of this book.

Expert Advice

The importance of surrounding yourself with individuals who challenge you, lift you higher, and support your growth can't be stressed enough as someone deeply invested in personal development and entrepreneurship. Success requires collaboration and connection. Last but not least, never underestimate the power of reading for personal growth. Seek knowledge, inspiration, and guidance from books written by experts.

Key takeaways

  • Embrace new opportunities: Amy's journey emphasizes the importance of saying "yes" to new opportunities. By being open-minded and willing to explore different paths, Amy was able to transform her life and build valuable relationships.
  • Persistence in the face of challenges: Amy's path to success was not without its hurdles. She encountered scams and setbacks while bringing her product to market. However, her unwavering persistence and determination allowed her to overcome these challenges and achieve success.
  • Surround yourself with the right people: Amy highlights the significance of surrounding yourself with individuals who possess different skills and strengths. Collaborating with like-minded visionaries, such as her partner Tim Jordan, has been instrumental in Amy's journey of building a multi-category trade show and creating impactful connections.

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. How did Amy Wees start her journey in the e-commerce industry? Amy initially started selling her textbooks on Amazon as a hobby while working full-time and attending school. This sparked her passion for e-commerce and paved the way for her successful career.

  2. What challenges did Amy face when bringing her product to market? Amy encountered numerous product development companies trying to scam her out of money. Despite these challenges, she persevered and successfully launched her product.

  3. What inspired Amy to start her own consulting firm? People began approaching Amy for consultations based on her expertise and knowledge. This demand led her to start coaching clients, eventually transitioning into her own consulting firm, Amazing at Home.

  4. How did Amy overcome the fear of leaving her cybersecurity job to pursue her passion? With the help of Effton, Amy created a plan that allowed her to leave her job and explore opportunities in the e-commerce industry. She also started taking people on factory tours in China, which proved to be a valuable and transformative experience.

  5. What did Amy focus on during the pandemic? During the pandemic, Amy prioritized serving and helping others by creating affordable and accessible training courses on various e-commerce topics, such as listing optimization, product development, and brand building.


Amy's journey is an extraordinary testament to the transformative power of embracing opportunities, persisting through challenges, and surrounding oneself with the right people. Her story evokes a profound range of emotions, from hope to determination, leaving us deeply inspired and motivated.
In the end, Amy's story is not just her own, but a source of inspiration for all who dare to dream. Let it serve as a reminder that greatness is within our reach, and that with resilience, perseverance, and the support of a nurturing community, we can overcome any obstacle and create a life that exceeds our wildest imagination. Enjoy the journey!


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