The Life Story of Ash Monga – Founder & CEO of IMEX Sourcing Services

Ash's entrepreneurial spirit ignited at the young age of 12 when he launched his first business, printing collectible cricket player cards in New Delhi, India. Today, he leads IMEX Sourcing Services, a renowned supply chain management company that provides invaluable assistance to Amazon sellers in navigating the intricacies of sourcing from China.


Ash Monga IMEX Sourcing Services' founder was featured in the DefDevice podcast. They have a fascinating talk about IMEX's position as a supply chain management company. IMEX's competence in factory sourcing, due diligence, contract negotiations, and new product development for Amazon merchants in China is shown in the transcript. For larger sellers, the firm facilitates exclusive agreements. Amazon sellers need a reputable China partner to properly manage supply chain and production processes, according to the interview.

About Ash Monga

Ash Monga, the business owner who thought of IMEX Sourcing Services. Ash has been living in Guangzhou, China, for the past 12 years, where he has been learning about e-commerce and supply chain management. He is courageous and wants to learn a lot.

Ash comes from India's New Delhi. When he was young, he started selling cricket cards as his first business. He overcame problems and won a business plan contest, which led him to start IMEX Sourcing Services, an innovative company that helps Amazon sellers in China.

Early Entrepreneurial Lessons

Ash Monga, a businessman with big ideas, says that his journey began in India, where he grew up. Growing up in New Delhi and going to a boarding school taught him to be self-disciplined and to do things on his own. At the age of 10, he started his first business by selling fake cricket cards to people who needed them to complete their sets. Even though the plan worked, Ash later realized how unethical it was. This taught him a valuable lesson for his future projects.

Plans and Initiatives

Throughout high school, Ash tried out a lot of different things. One big idea was to start a club that people could join, but it didn't work out. Even though he wasn't the best in school, he showed his entrepreneurial spirit by coming up with many business ideas and plans.

Getting to the UK

After finishing school in India, Ash decided to go to college in the UK, even though his parents were against it at first. He set out on this life-changing journey after persuading them that they would get a better education and have more chances to grow as people. Having family members there made him love the country even more.

Keeping hopes alive in the UK

Like a lot of students, Ash worked part-time in the UK to make money and get more experience. He started out working for the Student Union, but soon realized that it wouldn't bring him much money. This hinted at his growing desire to try bigger business ventures.

Win the competition for business plans

Ash tells an inspiring story about when he was in his first year of college and took part in a business plan competition. Others told him not to enter the competition because the older students would be tough competition, but he was brave and did it anyway. He sent emails to influential people, like authors of business books and people who write for Forbes, asking for feedback on his business plan. Five or six people gave detailed critiques and suggestions, which was a big surprise. He didn't give up and sent in two entries. In the end, he was the winner and won a large prize of £4,000. This success showed the benefits of being young and willing to take more risks, which gave him the confidence to try new things without worrying too much about failing.

Accepting Help and Mentorship

Ash says it's important to ask for help and advice from other people, even those who seem to be doing well. His experience at the business plan competition showed that powerful people are often willing to help and give good advice. Overcoming ego and being vulnerable can lead to surprising and good results, which has been a key part of his journey as an entrepreneur.

China is going into uncharted territory

When Ash decided to look for business opportunities in China, he did something very brave. He went to a country he didn't know the language of or have any plans for because he wanted to try something new and was interested in it. This brave action led to a choice that will change the rest of your life.

Making changes and doing well in China

Ash did well in the growing e-commerce market because he learned about Chinese culture, spoke basic Mandarin, and made good connections. His business, IMEX Sourcing Services, found its niche by helping Amazon FBA sellers with their needs. He became a key player in the e-commerce supply chain because of how fast-paced the business world was.

The Heart of a Real Founder

Ash's life shows how important it is to be brave, strong, and listen to your gut. From his early days as a young business owner in India to winning a business plan competition and finally starting a successful business in China, he shows what a true pioneer is all about. His journey shows how important it is to keep learning, surround yourself with people who are like you, and take calculated risks to grow personally and professionally.

Best Advice

Maintain a growth mindset, lifelong education, and relevant mentors. In the ever-changing fields of supply chain management and electronic commerce, you need strong alliances and a can-do attitude. Enthusiasm and persistence can build a successful business. Adaptable people who stick to their long-term goals will succeed.

“I think the more risk you can take the more you can challenge your beliefs the more you can put it earlier Venture into the unknown. You can only gain from it because either you will have success or you will have lessons which you can use to become successful eventually.” - Ash Monga

Key Takeaways

  • Complete Supply Chain Management: IMEX Sourcing Services is unique. It handles factory finding, due diligence, contract negotiations, and new product development. Amazon sellers in China need IMEX.
  • The Power of Seeking Guidance: Ash Monga's journey shows the importance of seeking advice from experienced people, even if they seem unattainable. His resourcefulness and determination won a business plan competition and changed his entrepreneurial path. Contacting experts can change the game.
  • Courage to Embrace Opportunities: Ash's fearless exploration of China without plans or language skills shows the value of calculated risks and opportunities. Entering the unknown can yield great results. Trust your gut and jump!


  • Is IMEX Sourcing Services exclusive to Amazon sellers?
    While IMEX primarily caters to Amazon sellers, their expertise in supply chain management extends to businesses across various industries. Whether you're an e-commerce entrepreneur or a product-based company, IMEX can be a valuable partner.
  • What sets IMEX apart from other sourcing agencies?
    IMEX Sourcing Services goes beyond traditional sourcing by offering end-to-end supply chain management solutions. From factory finding to contract negotiations, they provide comprehensive support to streamline your operations in China.
  • How can I benefit from seeking guidance like Ash Monga did in the competition?
    Seeking guidance from experienced individuals, industry experts, or mentors can provide valuable insights, feedback, and knowledge. It opens doors to new perspectives, refines your ideas, and boosts your chances of success.
  • Can I succeed in an unknown market like China without knowing the language? Absolutely! Ash Monga's journey showcases that adaptability, determination, and a willingness to learn can overcome language barriers. While learning the local language is beneficial, there are resources and partners available to help you navigate the market effectively.
  • Does IMEX Sourcing Services assist with product development for Amazon sellers?
    Yes, indeed! IMEX offers valuable assistance in new product development, helping Amazon sellers stay competitive and relevant in the ever-evolving marketplace. From conceptualization to prototyping, IMEX can guide you through the entire process.


Ash Monga's journey from playing cricket cards to founding IMEX Sourcing Services shows the importance of being brave and asking for help. If you want to be an entrepreneur, adapt, learn, and surround yourself with like-minded people. Passion and hard work open up supply chain management and e-commerce. Make your mark!


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