Aylin Altuntas: How Happiness is about perceiving Reality and Expectation

Welcome to our in-depth exploration of the blog featuring Aylin, the CEO of AA Executive Consulting. Today, Aylin shares her depth insights on how happiness is about perceiving reality and expectations and finding balance in the fast-paced world. We can’t wait to share with you Aylin’s practical experiences and the way she teaches about being in reality with examples.


As we all know, we are living in a world where everything is moving so fast, we are always busy with something, and we tend to forget one thing, which is a crucial thing in our life. That is “Happiness”. Think about the last time you were happy from your heart. Struggling to remember right. Yes, because we are in a place where we are fighting for one another. So, today we have Aylin, who will tell us how to find happiness.

Aylin is the CEO of AA Executive Consulting. Aylin's professional journey encompasses a rich background in human resources, training, and corporate roles. However, her drive to do something innovative propelled her to establish her own consulting business.
Aylin says innovation is creating something new on the other hand; change is a transformation process.

Aylin's Personal Traits and Philosophy

Aylin shares that when she was 10 years old, she was an introverted and reserved person. Her observant personality shaped her unique perspective on life. Her attitude of “I’m not going to give up” helped her journey to success. Her mantra of not taking shortcuts and believing in happiness is about perceiving Reality and Expectation made her what she is today. 

Understanding Reality and Expectations

Before going deep into this, Aylin profoundly balanced reality and expectation. If you are trying to find happiness, find your reality first. 

E.g. We think Earth should be a very happy place; this is your expectation or dream, but this is not a reality. Earth is a tough place. Every morning, everybody is struggling with something. She insists on accepting reality. Because what happens when we expect much and don't see or get that in reality, we tend to be upset, which is not good. We should know how to balance these two things carefully to make ourselves happy. 

Now Imagine, You want to move to another country, but you don't know the reality of that country. You can’t even buy a direct ticket to that country. So you have this expectation/dream of moving to that country, and simply without any hassle, you can not achieve this goal. Then you feel unhappy. You should change your reality, and if you can't change, change your expectations. 

People don’t know their limitations & try to set goals they can not achieve in one go. But now, with the challenge of balance, the question arises: should I lower my expectations? Should I bring up my reality?

No, you don’t need to lower your expectations or reality, but you should work on time and resources to reach your goals. You need to remember happiness is about perceiving Reality and Expectation.

How do you achieve balance in this fast-moving world?

In today's fast-paced society, Aylin does a lot of body movement activities, like Exercise, walking and tennis. 

What she understands is that walking is the best exercise for human beings. We came from homosapiens; we are part of nature, and our legs have strong muscles & they should be used. 

If you are in nature, that's a great time you are giving your body and mind. In our blood H2O is present. The O is oxygen & where do we get the oxygen most from nature, forests, sea and ocean. 

Recall when we go to the beach, we feel better. Balance your mental health by exercising more social animals; why we want to join communities is because that makes us feel better, connected and stronger. 

She suggests “be a social animal with people, but while socialising do  not do your mental laundry.

Moreover, she underscores the importance of socialising and connecting with communities, as they play a crucial role in our mental health.

The Power of Art in Emotional Well-being

“ Art appeals to the emotional side of a brain- it triggers the emotion, opens the subconscious, suppresses the feeling. 

In the latest research, “art helps people a lot to feel their emotion”. She strongly advises everybody to be involved in Art in various forms, whether by listening to music, visiting galleries, or immersing themselves in artistic expression. By fostering a connection with art, we allow ourselves to delve into our emotional depths, gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves and finding solace in the beauty of creative expressions.

Nature(walk in nature) - people( deal with people like social animals) - art(engage with arts)


Aylin shared valuable insights into balancing reality, expectations, and well-being. By aligning our expectations with reality, investing in hard work and resources, and embracing the power of nature and art, we can enhance our happiness and fulfilment.

Remember, happiness lies not in expecting the world to be a perfect place but in embracing its imperfections and working towards achieving our goals. So, let us walk in nature, connect with others, and immerse ourselves in the beauty of art, for these are the stepping stones to a more balanced and fulfilled life.


Q. How can I find happiness?

A: To find happiness, it’s important to prioritise self-care, cultivate gratitude, foster positive relationships, and set meaningful goals. Engage in activities that bring you joy, practice gratitude daily, surround yourself with supportive people, and walk in nature. Remember, happiness is about perceiving Reality and Expectation and it's a journey. So, embrace the present moment and make choices that align with your values and well-being.

Q. Why is it important to balance reality and expectations?

A: Balancing reality and expectations is important for maintaining emotional well-being. When expectations are too high and don't align with reality, it can lead to disappointment and unhappiness. Accepting reality while adjusting expectations allows for a more realistic and grounded approach, fostering a healthier mindset and increased overall satisfaction.

Q. How does art contribute to emotional well-being?

A: Art contributes to emotional well-being by triggering emotions, opening up subconscious feelings, and providing an outlet for self-expression. Engaging with art, such as through music, and visual arts, allows individuals to connect with their emotions and find solace in the beauty of creative expressions.

Q. What are the stepping stones to a more balanced and fulfilled life?

A: The stepping stones to a more balanced and fulfilled life include walking in nature, connecting with others as social beings, and immersing oneself in the beauty of art. Embracing imperfections and working towards meaningful goals also play a crucial role.

Q. Should I lower my expectations or raise my reality to find balance?

A: To find balance, it's not about lowering expectations or raising reality. Instead, focus on managing your time, utilising resources effectively, and putting effort into achieving your goals while maintaining a realistic perspective and adapting as necessary.


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