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26 Ways to Improve Your
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22 pages / 10 minutes read

If you are selling products or services online, conversions and traffic are the two factors that determine your success. Get this eBook now and make sure that the efforts and money you are spending on traffic pay off by optimising your conversions.


Chapter 1: Usability
Making sure your store works, loads fast and is easy to navigate

Chapter 2: Trust
Creating trust is one of the biggest challenges in ecommerce. The second chapter is dedicated to overcome that hurdle.

Chapter 3: Perceived Value
Why should a customer buy from you and not your competition? Because you can create greater perceived value.

Chapter 4: Retargeting
No one buys at first sight online. So how can we get in front of our prospects again and again - until they become customers?

From the Author

dano falk

I wrote this eBook to summarise my 8 years of experience in ecommerce and online marketing - selling on Amazon, my own stores and helping our clients to increase their sales. So that you can avoid my mistakes and take the shortcut towards your success.

If you have any comments or feedback to share -  contact me here.

Dano Falk, Founder of DefDevice