1. Introduction

Lesson 1

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Done For You Service

If you don't have the time to set up the system or simply prefer the convenience, we offer a 'Done For You' service for a USD 490.- one time payment. It includes:

  • Setting up the Facebook Page
  • Getting initial 100 likes & 5 posts
  • Setting up the Bot including 3 product flows, connect Google Sheet
  • Setting up the Facebook Ads campaign

$490.- One Time

Daily Conversations Monitoring & Minor Updates

Interacting with humans is never 100% predictable. And despite our best efforts to make every part of the system crystal clear, there will always be people who won't understand. And sometimes, ManyChat does not work as it should. That's why we need to keep an eye on the conversations and help customers who got lost for some reason. Especially when they bought, wait for the refund and could not complete the feedback process.
If you don't have time for that - no problem. We can take over and make sure every question is answered and technical glitches corrected. Here is our offer to run the system for you:

  • Monitor up to 50 new subscribers / day (1,500 new subscribers / month)
  • Answer questions, comments
  • Make sure customers who bought finish the feedback and their details are uploaded to the Google Sheet
  • Prepare Paypal mass payments
  • Do minor adjustments to the bot (max 1 hour of work)

$390.- Per Month

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