3. Setting Up Your ManyChat Account

Lesson 3

Changes in V7 versus V6 version:

1. Daily Sales

I included a second tab in the google sheet that collects daily sales, which is a relevant metric to have. This data is generated in the 'Product Follow Up' flow: after someone clicked on 'Go To Amazon', we ask if he/she made a purchase. If the answer is yes, we ask for the Order ID and upload it to the 'Daily Sales' tab along with Product name, Customer Name and Date. 

2. 'Customer Paid' Field

I included a question in the Feedback Flow asking customers how much they spent in total including tax and shipping cost (if any). So it's much easier for you to determine the refund amount.

3. Other Upgrades

- 'Unsubscribe' Tag added
- Bitly URL used to link to
- Refund time changed to three days
- Removed copy protection

Please find all updates explained in detail in the RankingBot Version 7 Update Video

Changes in V6 versus previous version:

1. Postponed Email Request

I noticed significant drop offs in the flow after asking new subscribers for their Paypal email in the Qualify Flow. People are not comfortable giving it out so early in the process. So I only ask IF they have a Paypal account, but collect the email itself later in the Feedback Flow

2. Added Content Type Tags
For every delayed message, Messenger now requires a Content Type Tag (Post-Purchase Update/Confirmed Event Update/...). I added the 'Post-Purchase Update' Tag to all delayed messages so the flows are all compliant with Facebook T&C.

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