5.1 Setting Up The Facebook Ad

Lesson 7

Facebook Ad Copy

Here is an example of Ad copy you can start with. Replace the parts in [brackets] and feel free to tweak it so it best suits your product / niche. I removed the word 'free' from the copy because it might trigger the Facebook policy violation algorithm.  

Primary Text:

Test And Keep [Bluetooth Speakers]
Join our Product Testers Club and get to test the latest [wireless speakers]!
If you like [mobile gadgets], you're in for a treat. Just send us a message and see how you can test the [latest portable speakers] at zero cost! Just click "Send Message" below

Headline (next to 'Send Message' button):

I Want To Test


Add emojis to your Primary Text as you see fit / according to your product. You can find them all here:

Avoid Facebook Ad Account Suspension

Ad account suspensions are increasing and happen for random reasons. If something triggers the policy violation algorithm, your account can get shut down without warning,  and appeals are being brushed off. 
I have limited experience with account shut downs (only happened once) but here is what I believe you should do to avoid this from happening:

1. Complete the four page-setup steps before running ads
- Provide a page description: tell facebook what your page is about
- Add a profile picture and and a cover photo
- Write 3-5 posts
- Get 10 likes (I get 100 likes normally by running a 'Like' campaign)

2. Make sure your Ads are congruent with the page description
The products advertised should relate to the niche / type of page you defined in your description

3. Read Facebook's Policies
I recommend reading the Facebook Advertising policies here

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