CRM With WhatsApp Integration

Does your CRM Speak WhatsApp?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management System. This is one of the most popular 'flat tires' in small-medium enterprises because most small businesses don't have a CRM. 

Their customers are sitting in an Excel spreadsheet which is not optimal because it makes a lot of sense to engage our customers and prospects and keep on talking to them, sending them messages, sending them value, sending them opportunities and offers. And this is what a CRM can do. It can automate this entire process. 

Now, I'm sure if you're familiar with WhatsApp. WhatsApp has two billion users worldwide and in Malaysia, 86% of all people are using WhatsApp. So it is a growing and very popular communication channel in many countries and often times it's more popular than email.

whatsapp users by country

So what if we could speak to our clients or customers on WhatsApp? 

Most CRMs do not have this integration of WhatsApp and cannot simply send out messages to WhatsApp. Most are limited to email, SMS, and voice messages, and some can do Messenger. 

What we have developed now is we have found a 3rd party supplier who can integrate our CRM with WhatsApp using an API. Now we can automate messages and message sequences through WhatsApp, just as we could do with email previously 

I think this is a big deal. And if you would like to know how you can speak with your clients using WhatsApp - let us know. Just send a message through our Contact Page.


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