Dr. Jacqueline Parsons: Model – Digital Marketer – Serial Entrepreneur

Following her passion for fashion as a teenager, Dr. Jacqueline Parsons went from modelling to starting her digital marketing agency serving international fashion and beauty brands.


Are you ready to be inspired by an extraordinary entrepreneur who has revolutionized the beauty, fashion, and tech industries? Join me on an exclusive interview with Dr. Jacqueline Parsons, a visionary pioneer, top digital marketer, and founder of multiple successful businesses. Get ready to dive into her fascinating story and learn about her latest groundbreaking venture in Quantum technology. This is an interview you won't want to miss!

About Dr. Jacqueline Parsons

Dr. Jacqueline Parsons is a remarkable entrepreneur, fashion model, digital marketing expert, and founder of several thriving businesses. With a passion for beauty, fashion, and technology, she has garnered immense success in the industry. As the CEO of Lux Digital Now that transformed into several tech companies she has introduced innovative tech solutions like Ai Daz, Premier Jet App and Liquid Beauty AI to the market. Driven by her love for fashion, she founded IB Cosmetics and LDN Modeling Agency. Currently, she is leading the way in quantum technology with her company, Quantum Corp Technologies. 

Follow Dr. Parsons on her journey as she continues to push boundaries and shape the future of multiple industries.

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Mastering the Art of Balancing Multiple Ventures

While managing a diverse portfolio of companies might seem overwhelming, Dr. Parsons effortlessly navigates her roles. As the Chief Executive Officer and founder of multiple businesses, she plays a vital role in shaping their success. However, Dr. Parsons acknowledges the importance of assembling a talented team to streamline operations effectively. By adopting remote work practices and maintaining physical office spaces, she ensures the seamless functioning of her enterprises.

The Thrill of Modeling

While Dr. Parsons is involved in various exciting projects, she expresses a particular fondness for her modeling agency, LDN. This timeless endeavor allows her to collaborate with renowned fashion houses, beauty brands, and talented models globally. The allure of working with celebrity talent and creating awe-inspiring fashion shows makes LDN a source of immense joy and inspiration for Dr. Parsons. The dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the modeling industry invigorates her every day.

A Journey Back in Time

At a young age, Dr. Parsons already possessed a deep passion for fashion, art, and beauty. As an aspiring fashion designer, she spent hours sketching beautiful gowns and imagining a future in the industry. Reflecting on her remarkable journey, Dr. Parsons fondly recalls her early involvement in the modeling industry, having been discovered at a young age. Modeling for prominent agencies like Storm Model Management, her striking looks captivated the industry.

The Birth of a Marketing Expert

Dr. Parsons' transition into the digital marketing realm was a natural progression from her fashion industry engagements. Eager to expand her knowledge, she pursued a postgraduate degree in digital marketing from an esteemed institute in Ireland. This educational experience equipped her with the knowledge and expertise to establish JacquelineLux.com. Working with prominent brands and fashion houses through her digital publication, exposed her to the power of social media and the emerging landscape of digital marketing.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Embrace Your Passions: Dr. Parsons emphasizes the importance of pursuing endeavors that align with your passions. By following her love for fashion, beauty, and technology, she has successfully created a portfolio of businesses that reflect her core interests.

  2. Innovation at the Intersection: Driven by her visionary mindset, Dr. Parsons has been at the forefront of merging fashion, beauty, and technology. Her ventures, such as Liquid Beauty AI and Quantum Corp Technologies, demonstrate the power of combining cutting-edge technologies with traditional industries.

  3. Believe in Yourself: Dr. Parsons highlights the significance of self-belief and having a strong mindset. Understanding oneself and leveraging personal strengths are crucial elements in achieving success. By eliminating self-doubt and embracing confidence, individuals can unlock their true potential.

Understand thyself first, learn about yourself, who are you who you know as a person. What motivates you every single day, what your capabilities.

Believe it a hundred percent like, without any doubt that you can accomplish what you need to accomplish. 

- Dr. Jacqueline Parsons


Q1. What are some of the successful businesses founded by Dr. Jacqueline Parsons?

A1. Dr. Jacqueline Parsons has founded several successful businesses, including Lux Digital Now (which transformed into several tech companies), Intellijons Beauty Cosmetics, LDN Modeling Agency, and Quantum Corp Technologies.

Q2. How does Dr. Parsons manage her multiple ventures effectively?

A2. Dr. Parsons manages her multiple ventures effectively by assembling talented teams and implementing remote work practices. She also maintains physical office spaces to ensure seamless functioning of her enterprises.

Q3. What is Dr. Parsons' favorite endeavor within her diverse portfolio?

A3. Dr. Parsons expresses a particular fondness for her modeling agency, LDN. Working with renowned fashion houses, beauty brands, and talented models globally brings her immense joy and inspiration.

Q4. How did Dr. Parsons enter the modeling industry?

A4. Dr. Parsons was discovered at a young age and began modeling for prominent agencies like Storm Model Management. Her striking looks captivated the industry and marked the beginning of her journey in the modeling industry.

Q5. How did Dr. Parsons transition into the field of digital marketing?

A5. After her successful engagements in the fashion industry, Dr. Parsons pursued a postgraduate degree in digital marketing from an esteemed institute in Ireland. This educational experience equipped her with the knowledge and expertise to establish JacquelineLux.com and work with prominent brands and fashion houses in the digital marketing landscape.


Dr. Jacqueline Parsons' journey is a powerful reminder that beauty transcends stereotypes and empowers us to embrace our unique qualities. Her story inspires us to overcome obstacles, celebrate diversity, and create a world where beauty knows no boundaries. Let her story remind you that your own beauty has the power to inspire, uplift, and transform. Embrace it, share it, and let it shine brightly in all that you do. You are beautiful, valued, and capable of creating a more beautiful world.


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