The Life Story of Ethan Nyholm – STM Co-Founder

Discover the extraordinary life story of Ethan, who, at the age of 10, made the courageous decision to leave his home in the US and reside with his grandparents in a kibbutz in Israel. Wow!

Today, Ethan serves as the CEO of STM, a renowned provider of high-end bags and cases for mobile devices. You can find their exceptional products at any Apple store worldwide.


Ethan Nyholm, STM Brands' co-founder, was featured in the DefDevice podcast, they talked about the brand's success in this captivating video. As a tech accessory expert, this conversation provided valuable insights into an established global enterprise with almost 25 years of experience. Ethan discusses STM's history, philosophy, partnerships, and industry adaptability. Join me as we uncover the fascinating story of STM Brands and the key takeaways that will inspire and educate any aspiring entrepreneur or tech enthusiast.

About Ethan Nyholm

STM Brands co-founder Ethan is a seasoned entrepreneur who loves making tech accessories that improve users' lives. He and his partner built STM into a global brand known for its high-quality products and innovative designs. STM is a trusted tech accessory provider in Apple Stores, Best Buy, and Target. Visit STM Brands website to learn more about Ethan, STM, and their amazing products.

STM Meaning

Ethan explains "STM," which stands for "Standard Technical Merchandise." He mentions another backstory that he can't share online due to business partner repercussions. Dano jokes, "Smarter Than Most." The discussion emphasizes the brand's dedication to high-quality, premium products.

Technological Progress

Ethan says STM's goal has always been to make technology easier to use. STM initially protected devices from drops, organized cables, and secured data when devices were expensive and data storage was limited. With iPads, smartphones, and wireless charging, STM added new features to meet tech users' needs.

Ethan's Adventure

Dano and Ethan examine Ethan's 10-year-old decision to move to Israel with his grandparents. This unique experience taught Ethan resilience, self-motivation, and self-reliance. Ethan's early entrepreneurial spirit continues to shape his STM Brands journey.

STM Success

Ethan says STM's success is a team effort. He thanks his business partners, supporters, manufacturing partners, and accountants. They turned ideas into products. Ethan recalls their first production run of 50 units in five colors, which Apple resellers liked because it matched the popular iBook.

"Focus on what can be controlled and let go of worries about external factors beyond your control." Ethan Nyholm

Innovating and Planning

Ethan discusses STM's efforts to use recycled fabrics and plant-based inks. He wants to use advanced materials and MagSafe and G2 technologies. Ethan recognizes the fast-changing technology industry's opportunities for new products and solutions.

Expert Advice

As a niche expert, I recommend prioritizing product quality and functionality. User experience can set you apart from competitors. Long-term success requires a strong network of partners, 

Key Takeaways

  • High-Quality Products: STM Brands emphasizes quality over price. Their goal is to make technology easier to use.
  • STM has kept up with industry changes by adding new features and technologies to its products. To meet tech users' needs, they've adopted iPads, smartphones, and wireless charging.
  • STM Brands values collaboration. They have a supportive network of manufacturing partners and accountants. Successful businesses require a strong team and co-founders.


1. When did STM Brands start? Since November 1999, STM Brands has been a global company.

2. Where are STM products sold? Apple Stores, JB Hi-Fi (Australia), Best Buy, Target, and Sam's Club sell STM products. Their official website provides access.

3. How does STM change with industry? STM Brands regularly adds new features and technologies. To satisfy tech users, they've adopted iPads, smartphones, and wireless charging.

4. How did STM overcome early obstacles? Strategic decision-making, teamwork, and network funding helped STM Brands overcome challenges. Controllable factors, inventory management, and customer service were their priorities.

5. What's STM's future? STM Brands incorporates environmentally friendly packaging, recycled fabrics, and new technologies like MagSafe and G2 into their products. They innovate for evolving devices and stay ahead of industry trends.


STM Brands inspires. Their commitment to quality products, market changes, and productive partnerships has paid off. Because of their growth, STM Brands represents grit, creativity, and success. As they revolutionize tech accessories, we see a bright future for them.


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