Facebook Posting Library – How to Increase Engagement of your Facebook Posts

Have you experienced this - you took all the time to create an engaging Facebook post, and then - not much happens.

There was a time Facebook used to show the post of a page to every single follower of that page.

Eventually they thought, since these people are doing this for business - might as well charge them for showing content to their followers.

They reduced the organic display of posts to around 5%.  Making only 5% of the people who follow your page actually get to see the post. Then, they have this nice little button that says: "Boost your post." "Pay ten dollars and get more exposure. And get more people to see your post!" 

Well, should you do that?

Maybe, but I don't recommend it as mostly, it’s a waste of money. Because, you really need to know what you're doing when you advertise on Facebook and want to get some "Bang for your Buck ($)". 

What is the other solution, then?

If we do the math and five people (5%) of our following see our posts - if we could post this post 20 times then technically everyone will get to see it right?
So, the device here is to use set-up a "Posting Library" externally which will post repeatedly.

It will be sitting there and you can put a schedule, like - "Okay, this post comes up every Monday, this post comes up every Tuesday.." and/or you can even put a specific time when this post comes up. Also, the effort we put into the post will not be wasted.

So, this is what I recommend you to do with your Facebook page. To not go into this frustrating loop of creating posts and seeing that nothing is happening, but set up a library - so all your work will not be wasted.

I hope you like this idea and if you'd like to know more about it - just comment below.


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