​​​​Funnel Design

A funnel is a complete system designed to generate sales and new customers. It consists of

  • Ads placed on relevant platforms (Google, FaceBook, LinkedIn… which ever is the most relevant for your business), targeting people who are looking for your product or service.
  • A landing page where visitors are directed after clicking on the ad. The landing page is designed to turn visitors into customers.
  • A lead generation system that directs landing page visitors to your best communication channels (email, phone number, email sequence (autoresponder), FaceBook Messenger…).

How It Works:

Together we determine the most relevant advertising platforms for your business and your preferred lead generation channels. Then we will

  • Create effective ads best suited for the chosen ads platforms.
    Find the most relevant audiences (targeting).
  • Create a landing page to convert your ads traffic into leads.
    Integrate the lead generation system according to your requirements.
funnel design


Once up and running, a funnel is a hands-free customer generating system.

  • By using paid advertising, you reach out to a large number of potential new customers.
  • By adjusting your ads spent, you can easily control the amount of new leads generated.
  • With follow-up messages and retargeting, you can create multiple contact points with your prospects which has a very positive effect on conversion rates in the long run.