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It's nearly September, which means back to school season is right around the corner! This is one of the biggest sales periods for ecommerce sellers, with spending exceeding $83 billion in 2022 on new backpacks, laptops, clothes, and school supplies. If you sell products that students need (or that parents perceive that students need), now is the time to focus on boosting sales with relevant content.

Creating lifestyle images and infographics focused on back to school, for use on product listings or social media, is crucial for ecommerce brands to capture attention. Ecomtent’s AI makes it easy to quickly generate customized content that resonate with parents and students preparing for the new school year. In this blog we will share some prompt tips for creating lifestyle images and infographics with AI.

AI Product Lifestyle images

Before creating a prompt, briefly visualize the output image in your mind. Consider the size and position of your product, and adjust advanced settings accordingly. For example, increase the product resize to 100% to make it the focus, or shrink it to 20-40% to give the AI space to generate a lifestyle setting.

Then create a prompt describing the scene. Here are some examples to spark your imagination:

  • [my product] on a table in a school library, with school children studying in the background
  • [my product] on a desk, next to pencils, pens, notebooks, binders, markers. Back to school, school supplies, organized.
  • [my product] next to a young student sitting at a desk in a classroom raising their hand.
  • [my product], with a yellow school bus driving down a tree-lined street on a sunny day in the background.
  • [my product], with a group of teenagers comparing their class schedules and books at their lockers.
  • [my product], with a little boy and girl wearing new outfits and backpacks posing on front steps. First day of school pictures, back to school outfits.
  • - 85mm photograph of [my product] besides a student at a desk working on a worksheet.
  • [my product] on desk in a classroom setting. Student in the background
  • [my product] on the grass, with a student athlete practising sports on a field carrying sports gear.
Input image
Output image

“laptop on desk in a classroom setting. Student in the background”

Input image
Output image

“Asian child in school uniform smiling, with mug on the table.”

ai generated lifestyle image
Input image
Output image

“mug on the table in a school library, with school children studying in the background”

Input image
Output image

"34mm photograph of bag on the grass, with soccer pitch in the background. Precise mode"

AI Generated Infographics

In addition to lifestyle images, infographics are another powerful visual marketing asset for back-to-school promotions. Infographics allow you to share information, statistics, tips, and other engaging content in an easy-to-digest graphical format.

For example, you could create an infographic with "10 Essential Back-to-School Supplies" or "How to Organize Your Backpack."

Infographics help capture interest and get shared on social media, driving more traffic to your product pages. With Ecomtent's AI, you can easily generate customized infographics tailored to your products and brand. Infographics make great companions to your lifestyle images and product listings, helping you maximize the impact of your back-to-school campaigns.

Ecomtent also enables you to generate infographics in seconds with AI, enabling you to communicate key features in a simple and optimised manner. See a two minute how-to-video here.

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Max Sinclair

Founder & CEO of Ecomtent


AI Generated Lifestyle Images

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