The Life Story of Hiba Weber – Co-Founder at SellerMobile

Hiba's journey began as a shy schoolgirl, born in Pakistan, who moved to the US at the age of 10. However, she blossomed into a thriving serial entrepreneur. Gain invaluable insights from her on business acumen, which forms the bedrock of constructing systems that enable consistent growth and propel you to new heights.


Hiba Weber, the co-founder of SellerMobile, was featured in the DefDevice podcast. SellerMobile's business management software is revolutionizing e-commerce. SellerMobile helps Amazon and Walmart sellers understand profitability, automate processes, and manage inventory. Let's explore SellerMobile's incredible story and how it changed online 

Abount Hiba Weber

SellerMobile's brilliant founder, Hiba Weber, comes from a business family. Her upbringing in Karachi, Pakistan, and Texas fostered an entrepreneurial spirit. Hiba co-founded SellerMobile after running an e-commerce business with her brother. Hiba empowers entrepreneurs with her business acumen and systemization skills. To learn more about Hiba and SellerMobile, visite the website.

SellerMobile: Innovation from Frustration

Hiba Weber and her brother, driven entrepreneurs, founded SellerMobile. After college, they started selling online but struggled to understand business metrics and make informed decisions without analytics tools. They decided to create a platform to solve their problems. SellerMobile emerged.

Hiba and her brother released SellerMobile to other e-commerce sellers in 2019 after exiting their own brand. Solving a personal problem and selling the solution has been a remarkable success story. SellerMobile helps sellers optimize their inventory and businesses.

Collaboration's Strength

Hiba Weber and her brother's business are both challenging and rewarding. Trust and shared experiences help them succeed in business. They support each other in their business roles. They built success by setting clear boundaries and adding complementary partners.

Hiba understands the importance of finding the right partners to grow a business. Incompatible partnerships can hurt a business. Collaborating with like-minded people boosts energy and efficiency, making scaling easier. Solopreneurs face isolation and inefficiency. Early partnerships provide support, collaboration, and growth.

Business Intelligence and Systemization

Hiba Weber learned business and entrepreneurship from her family of entrepreneurs. Business acumen requires systems and processes to make data-driven decisions. Hiba emphasizes business systemization and a solid foundation.

Entrepreneurs can improve business decisions by tracking and analyzing key metrics. Software can help track data, but systems and SOPs ensure consistent implementation and review. Hiba enjoys providing SellerMobile and teaching entrepreneurs about the importance of business acumen and systemization for long-term success.

Accepting Cultural Changes

Cultural shifts and transformations have shaped Hiba Weber's life. She moved to America at age 10 from Karachi, Pakistan. Learned business from her entrepreneurial parents and developed an entrepreneurial mindset. Hiba embraced her value and became more outgoing, opening new doors.

Hiba gained a unique business and life perspective after moving from Pakistan to the US. Her husband grew up in East Germany, where private businesses were discouraged. Both experiences shaped their entrepreneurial outlook and made them appreciate cultural diversity's possibilities.

Conquering Obstacles

Hiba Weber emphasizes facing challenges and persevering throughout the interview. Setbacks are inevitable on the path to success. Successful entrepreneurs overcome challenges and navigate tough times. It's normal to feel scared and stressed, but staying positive and focusing on solutions is crucial. Entrepreneurs can grow by learning from their mistakes and staying focused.

“Execution is greater than ideas, for sure.” - Hiba Weber

Entrepreneurial Advice

Entrepreneurial advice concludes the interview. It emphasizes that imperfect execution is often better than waiting for perfect conditions. Even a misstep starts the journey. The article stresses the importance of local business opportunities, passions, feedback, and solving real problems. Success requires early customer validation and community building.

Key Takeaways

  • SellerMobile helps Amazon and e-commerce sellers estimate sales, generate purchase orders, and manage inventory with smart algorithms. Preventing inventory concerns improves operations and profits.
  • The Power of Partnerships: Hiba and her brother's successful business shows how crucial it is to select the right partners. Clear limits, exchanging experiences, and working with others with diverse abilities will help you thrive in the long run and avoid solopreneur problems.
  • Business Acumen and Systemization: To make smart business decisions and expand, you must understand critical indicators, develop procedures, and regularly evaluate data. Hiba's business and systemization expertise shines in her success.


  • How can SellerMobile optimize my online store? SellerMobile's sales forecasting, inventory management, and purchase order preparation algorithms speed up operations and boost profits.
  • Why are entrepreneurial collaborations important? Partnerships enable development, collaboration, and assistance. Complementary partners that share your vision can help you succeed.
  • Business advantages from technology? Technology keeps you competitive and streamlines processes. Software, automation, and efficient processes boost production and profitability.


Passion, innovation, and resilience drive SellerMobile. The entrepreneurial journey of Hiba Weber, driven by a desire to help others and solve her own problems, is inspiring. Perseverance and collaboration helped SellerMobile change the e-commerce industry. Entrepreneurs can succeed by taking risks, developing business skills, and sticking to their goals.


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