If you'd like to expand your business to Amazon Japan and take advantage of the 4th biggest Amazon marketplace - we can help.


Why Sell On Amazon Japan?

  • Population of over 126 million people
  • 4th biggest Amazon marketplace with over 100 million registered users
  • High GDP per capita, strong economy, more disposable income
  • Cultural affinity for online shopping
  • Proximity to China - if you source from China, shipping costs and times are significantly lower



  • Language and cultural barriers
  • Complex import regulations
  • Driving external traffic and creating your off-Amazon presence
  • Trademark approval and brand registry

Find more details on opportunities and challenges in this article

Let us take care of the challenges so you can benefit from the opportunities

With 9+ years of experience managing Amazon seller accounts and 2+ years of experience on Amazon Japan, we are capable to help you setting up and managing your Amazon Japan account. So you can expand your business without the headaches of doing it yourself. Our service includes:

  • Account setup
  • Brand registration
  • Listing creation
  • Account management
  • 3PL and inventory management
  • Customer support
  • PPC management
  • Creating your Japanese off-Amazon presence
  • Drive external traffic
  • Influencer management

Free Marketplace Assessment

If you wonder whether your brand would be a good fit for Amazon Japan - we can answer that question. Giving away one free marketplace assessment (worth $600.-) per week. Just fill in the from below and we'll add you to the waiting list.

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