Kevin Wu – 6x Founder, Barrister and Qualified Lawyer

Kevin is a six-time founder in the fields of private equity, management consulting, legal services, luxury car rental, furniture retail, and food technology. As a trained British barrister and qualified lawyer, Kevin has proven experience in strategic planning, team setup, executing go-to-market plans, risk management, dispute resolution, fund allocation, and liaising with various stakeholders from board-level executives and more.


Kevin Wu was featured in this episode of the DefDevice podcast. Dano, invites his old friend Kevin Wu to talk about his entrepreneurial experiences and their shared involvement with the German Chamber of Commerce in Malaysia. Kevin Wu, a five-time startup founder, discusses cross-border relationships, industries, and his current ventures.

About Kevin Wu

Kevin Wu is a dynamic entrepreneur based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With an impressive track record as a five-time founder, his ventures span various industries, including legal services, food technology, furniture retail, luxury car rentals, and fund management. Kevin's accomplishments have gained recognition, earning him a spot on Forbes' 30 Under 30 list. As a trained lawyer in both London and Malaysia, Kevin brings a unique perspective to his entrepreneurial endeavors.
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German Chamber of Commerce: Networking and Growth

Dano and Kevin met at a lively German Chamber of Commerce in Malaysia event. This chamber promotes Malaysian-German relations and includes Dano and Kevin. They enjoy meeting new people, networking, and making international business connections. The German Chamber of Commerce offers unique and enjoyable event venues and valuable connections.

Kevin Wu: Multifaceted Entrepreneur

Kuala Lumpur-based entrepreneur Kevin Wu introduces himself. He founded startups in Legal Services, Food Technology, Furniture Retail, Luxury Car Rentals, and Fund Management. He's an adaptable entrepreneur. Forbes' 30 under 30 recognized his business achievements. Kevin is also a London and Malaysian lawyer.

Taking on Entrepreneurship

Kevin and Dano both love entrepreneurship, Dano says. Entrepreneurship versus traditional careers are discussed. Kevin advises entrepreneurs to embrace failure. He thinks failure is part of entrepreneurship and teaches you that. Kevin advises taking calculated risks and staying open to change.

Legal AI

Kevin, a lawyer, discusses how AI will affect the legal profession. Kevin cautions against using AI tools like Chat GPT. In a recent case, an attorney used AI-generated content without fact-checking, presenting fictional information to the court. Kevin stresses that legal practice requires expertise, experience, and current law knowledge. AI can collect and summarize data, but it cannot predict legal trends or apply the law.

Choosing Law

Dano asks Kevin why he chose the law. Kevin, the first in his family to attend university, considered medicine, engineering, and law. Law fit his reading and memory skills. Kevin contemplates his corporate law specialty, mergers and acquisitions. He discusses working with Malaysia's sovereign fund and learning about its economy.

Childhood and Education Impact

Dano asks Kevin about his childhood and education. Kevin moved from Malaysia to the UK as a child. Malaysia's memorization-focused education system made him struggle academically. He flourished in the UK, where problem-solving, communication, and creativity were valued. Kevin thinks this educational shift helped him succeed.

Life as an Entrepreneur in Malaysia

Dano and Kevin discuss Malaysia's benefits. Entrepreneurs and digital nomads like Malaysia's low cost of living, friendly people, and English language. Kevin wants to expand his food and beverage business. He plans to open a Malaysian fast-food coffee chain between specialty coffee shops and local establishments.

Young Entrepreneur Advice

Kevin advises young entrepreneurs to view failure as a learning experience. Entrepreneurs must be resilient because setbacks are inevitable. Kevin recommends calculated risks and openness. Success outweighs the risk of failure.

"Don't be afraid to fail. Take calculated risks, embrace the learning process, and persist even when faced with challenges." - Kevin Wu

Key Takeaways

  • Accept Failure: Kevin tells people who want to be entrepreneurs not to be afraid of failing. In the world of startups, setbacks are common and can help you learn a lot. Failure should be seen as a step toward success because it gives entrepreneurs a chance to improve their plans and move on.
  • Calculated Risks: Taking risks is an important part of being an entrepreneur, but Kevin stresses how important it is to take calculated risks. Knowing what could happen and weighing the odds can make it more likely that you will succeed. When judging risks, each person should think about their own situation and goals.
  • Resilience and Perseverance: Kevin talks about how important it is to have resilience when things get hard. Even when there are problems, entrepreneurs have to keep going. Often, to be successful, you have to go through a series of failures, learn from them, and change your approach.


1. How can I overcome my fear of entrepreneurial failure? Learn from failure. Consider failure a step toward success. Grow, adapt, and learn from your mistakes.

2. Does entrepreneurship require risk-taking? Calculated risks are necessary. Assess probabilities. Assess risks based on your situation and goals. Take calculated risks that fit your long-term goals.

3. How can entrepreneurs build resilience? Perseverance and vision build resilience. Stay focused, find mentors, and build a supportive network. Accept setbacks as learning opportunities.

4. What startup resources are available? Connect with industry experts on LinkedIn to learn and collaborate. Read industry publications, podcasts, and forums to stay current.

5. How can I adjust my business strategies to market trends? Assess your strategies and market trends regularly. Be adaptable and flexible. Market research, customer feedback, and continuous improvement.


Kevin Wu's entrepreneurial journey shows that business success requires resilience, adaptability, and passion. Kevin's varied startup ventures and cross-border relationships demonstrate the value of networking, failure, and calculated risk-taking. In a changing world, expertise and critical thinking are essential. Kevin embodies entrepreneurship and innovation as he pursues new food and beverage opportunities. Knowing that failures lead to success, young entrepreneurs can learn from his story.


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