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With two decades of senior management commercial design experience for iconic British brands such as Ted Baker and Cath Kidston, she is passionate about helping businesses come to life through visual communication. Hear her amazing life story!


Kitty Lai's story shows the power of endurance and self-discovery in a world where realism often trumps dreams. Dano Falk and Kitty Lai's Defdevice podcast interview reveals a unique tale of wins, losses, and everlasting devotion. Kitty's experiences show the transformational effect of following one's purpose and the courage needed to explore unfamiliar territory.

About Kitty Lai

Kitty Lai has extensive branding and design experience. She founded Kit London, a sustainable fashion company for men and women, and provides branding and design for entrepreneurs, Amazon sellers, and retail enterprises. Kitty is a trusted branding expert thanks to her graphic design education and successful career at Ted Baker and Kath Kidston. Her specialty is making eye-catching, effective designs. To learn more about Kitty Lai, visit her website.

Transforming Tradition

Kitty's traditional Chinese upbringing in England instilled discipline and cultural values in her. Her father discouraged her from becoming a dance choreographer. Kitty pursued dance as a hobby while searching for another creative outlet.

An Exploration

Kitty discovered branding and packaging while self-discovering. She joined a packaging plant and learned about product conception and manufacturing. She fell in love with packaging and became a graphic designer.
Kitty studied graphic design with newfound love and dedication. She created stunning fashion branding for various designers, including logos and packaging, using her remarkable abilities and passion. Her 96-point project was lauded. Kitty set her sights on London, eager to take on new challenges and prospects.

Challenges and Expertise

London was Kitty's final test. She took internships and gained field experience at every opportunity. She got her first job as a junior graphic designer for Ted Baker after persevering. Kitty went from junior designer to manager of a 10-person design team in a decade thanks to her effort and creativity. She oversaw marketing graphics, point-of-sale materials, packaging, and brand guidelines for Ted Baker's growth.
Kitty was steadfast in protecting Ted Baker's brand. She learned about shipping, wholesale, goods, and marketing in addition to design. During her employment, Kitty's branding knowledge grew, fueling her enthusiasm for developing meaningful brand experiences.

Turning Point

Life throws unexpected curveballs. The 2008 global recession forced Kitty's layoff. Instead of despairing, she used this setback to recreate and evolve. Kitty took freelance design jobs with TK Maxx and Bowden despite the hurdles.
Her following venture changed her path. Kitty collaborated with vintage-inspired Kath Kidston. Kitty and Cam worked together to rebrand the brand as labeling and package designers. From storefronts to product packaging, her branding and packaging expertise shaped the company. Kitty felt elated when she saw people proudly wearing her designs.

Self Discovery

Kitty reached a crossroads in her life. After becoming a mother, she craved change and new experiences. Kitty discovered Amazon selling during this transformation. Entrepreneurship drew her into a remarkable self-discovery journey.
Kitty took an FBA course and joined a mastermind group to get the skills she needed to succeed. This revealed her untapped expertise. Kitty discovered she could teach young entrepreneurs using her branding and packaging expertise.

Power and Influence

Kitty boldly embraced her entrepreneurial purpose after gaining clarity. She started her own branding and packaging company for entrepreneurs, Amazon sellers, and retail firms. Her keen brand understanding and design talents drove her to the top of the business. Kitty's clients were astonished as their brands transformed, attracting and capturing their target audiences.

Accepting Strangers

Kitty faced her worst fear—public speaking—to grow personally. She aimed for the platform to share her knowledge and encourage others. Kitty overcame her shyness and performed at a Carlos Alvarez-organized event. Her fascinating presentation captivated the audience, leading to additional chances and invitations to speak at conferences and events. Kitty's confidence and influence grew with each speaking engagement, establishing her as a branding and packaging thought leader.

Inspiring Legacy

Kitty Lai's story inspires entrepreneurs and creatives. Her passion and quest for self-improvement have taken her far. Kitty empowers individuals through her entrepreneurial initiatives, offering branding advice and transformational experiences.
Kitty's story reminds us that we can overcome obstacles, embrace change, and establish our own paths. Kitty's story shows that passion, determination, and a willingness to take risks may unlock the remarkable and leave an indelible impression on the world.

"I rebranded everything for the whole business, so what you see on the streets and stores, you know, for the last 10 years, it's all my doing... I designed or rebranded the business." - Kitty Lai

Key Takeaways

  • Career change: Kitty's story shows the power of desire. She found her passion for branding and packaging while working at a packaging factory. Her enthusiasm for graphic design led her to success.

  • Kitty's journey from junior graphic designer to directing a team of 10 designers underscores the value of embracing difficulties and personal growth. She learned her branding expertise from Ted Baker and Kath Kidston.

  • Learning and entrepreneurship: Kitty's involvement in the FBA community changed her outlook and revived her enthusiasm for design. Mastermind courses and starting her own firm taught her the thrill of entrepreneurship and the value of constant learning. Her story illustrates the transformative effect of taking risks and trying new things.


  • What made Kitty Lai love branding and design? Working at a packaging factory sparked Kitty's interest in branding and design. She discovered graphic design while learning about product creation and manufacturing. She was inspired by seeing how packaging affected product impressions.
  • Kitty Lai's academic and professional background? Kitty's graphic design major project was lauded. Internships enhanced her talents. She started as a graphic designer at Ted Baker and thrived.
  • How did Kitty go from junior designer to team leader? Kitty went from a junior designer to overseeing 10 Ted Baker designers thanks to her talent and persistence. She proved she could handle increased responsibilities. She rose to leadership positions via hard effort and continuous learning.
  • How did Kitty manage brands? Kitty managed brands throughout her career. Created marketing visuals, packaging, labeling, and brand standards. She helped her companies retain a strong brand image.
  • How did Kitty's FBA involvement affect her career? Kitty's FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) community involvement shaped her career. It sparked her interest in design and entrepreneurship. Kitty found fresh chances and enjoyed running her own business by attending mastermind classes and meeting like-minded people.
  • Kitty Lai's branding and design business offers what? Kitty helps entrepreneurs, Amazon sellers, and retailers brand and design. Her specialty is designing eye-catching brand identities. She designs logos, packaging, brand identities, and marketing collateral.


Kitty Lai's story shows that passion unlocks potential in adversity. Her determination motivates us. Kitty's story shows that failures can lead to success and that success can come from unexpected places. Her adaptability to freelancing and Amazon selling shows that change can strengthen us. Kitty affects many. Her innovative experience motivates aspiring entrepreneurs. Her story inspires us. Kitty Lai's tale can inspire you. Let's keep going. She can inspire transformative travel and legacy.


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