​​​​Landing Page Creation

There is a lot of misunderstanding regarding the function and value of a website amongst business owners who are not involved in digital marketing. The ‘old school’ way is to have something like a digital business card – to ‘be online’ since it is somehow a requirement for any business today.
In order to convert website visitors into customers we need a different approach, which is reflected in the concept of a landing page. Landing pages

  • Are very specific in matching the need of a subset of your customers.
  • Are optimised for Google ranking and load very fast.
  • Contain a very clear ‘call to action’ to make it easy for visitors to contact the company.
  • Provide social proof in form of testimonials or reviews.

How It Works:

Together we determine

  • What is the product / service you want to promote on your landing page.
  • What is your (or the customers) preferred channel of communication (phone, email, WhatsApp…)

We will then create the landing page using the latest tools and techniques available, optimise it for Google ranking and loading time as well as integrate it into your existing website.

landing page


With an optimised landing page in place, you can be sure to

  • Have the best available tool to convert visitors into customers.
  • Make sure to get the most out of your online advertising campaigns and promotions by sending traffic to the landing page instead of simply to your homepage (very inefficient).
  • Have a page that is most likely to rank in google since it is optimised for very specific searches.