The Life Story of Marc Uitterhoeve – CEO @ Dexter Agency

As a child, Marc harboured aspirations of becoming an archaeologist. However, due to skepticism of the people close to him and his own changing perspectives, he veered away from this career path.

Upon completing high school, Marc sought a professional trajectory that would allow him to work abroad and create a meaningful impact, ultimately leading him to pursue studies in marketing.

Following the completion of his education, Marc's attention was captured by a job offer from Dexter Agency in Malta. Seizing the opportunity, he relocated to Malta, where he not only found professional success but also met his future wife. Through dedication and hard work, Marc ascended to the position of CEO within the agency.

Today, Marc and his agency specialize in assisting e-commerce sellers in optimizing their conversion rates—a crucial element in achieving profitability in the online sphere.

Join us as we delve into Marc's wealth of industry insights and gain invaluable perspective from his life experiences.



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