Neil Twa’s Life Journey: An IBM Employee to An E-commerce Coach at Voltage 

I have listened to many success stories of entrepreneurs, and Neil Twa is one of them; how Neil Twa's transformed from an IBM employee to a Profitable E-commerce coach. How was Neil Twa's life Journey? How did failures hit him continuously? What is his secret approach which made him a successful business owner? Let’s get to know all his secrets and mantras here. 

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In Today's world, entrepreneurship is becoming so fascinating, but do you know the behind-the-scenes? Neil Twa is one of the great examples of showing what exactly it takes to become an entrepreneur. He stands out as an e-commerce coach with his unique approach to identifying trends and products before launching.

His entrepreneurial spirit, persistence, and passion for technology have propelled him to heights. In this article, we will deeply go into Neil's inspiring journey, distinctive coaching approach, and the key takeaways from his success.

About Neil Twa

Neil Twa's way of thinking and his problem-solving mindset made him a successful business owner.

When he started his journey at IBM, Neil discovered his passion for technology was so strong that he couldn’t stop it. He worked at IBM for many years, but suddenly, he was laid off, and he lost his job. He felt miserable, but his mindset of “go with the flow” helped him keep going. 

In this laid-off phase, he realized he is very good at lead generation and traffic, and he should start helping people by giving them the right strategies. 

He worked as a consultant to help people generate leads and traffic and did it for 7 months. This made him realize he should start his business in the marketing world and see the opportunity where he can help business people... 

So in 2007, he started online marketing and started helping big companies to get better results using the power of lead generation. 

Through his entrepreneurial journey, he has honed his skills in e-commerce coaching and built a successful program that empowers people to achieve their goals.

You can learn more about Neil Twa and his e-commerce coaching program through his website.

Neil Twa's E-commerce Coaching Program

Neil Twa's e-commerce coaching approach is remarked on by its uniqueness and effectiveness. Through Voltage, his pioneering e-commerce coaching program.

His coaching allows entrepreneurs to identify trends and products with 80% confidence before launching. The program is a hybrid approach to coaching and empowering people to create profitable and sustainable businesses.

His mindset towards business and life makes him unique from the crowd—an entrepreneur inspiring people with his story and coaching strategies.

The Process to Join Neil Twa's Coaching Program

For those who seek to benefit from Neil Twa's expertise and embark on their entrepreneurial journey, the process of joining his coaching program is straightforward. 

Have minimum capital liquidity and undergo a DISC assessment profile.
Click here for all the details about his program.

Neil Twa's Mantra towards life

Neil Twa's life journey taught him to keep moving forward, no matter what the situation is. 

He thinks that business is all about solving a problem. If you’re not able to solve a problem, business is not meant for you. 

He said, You don't need to be making a lot of money already or having all that success, but you need to be able to overcome objections and overcome points of failure.

Golden Nugget:

"You need to be able to go through the wall, over the wall, around the wall, under the wall, you need to go get a bulldozer and knock the wall down, but whatever it takes, you need to keep moving forward and push those down.” - Neil Twa

Neil Twa's Life Journey Key Takeaways For Success

  • Building a brand that can last for years is crucial to creating a profitable and sustainable business.
  • Diversifying and investing in other businesses can help grow wealth and avoid depending on one industry or platform.
  • Hard work, dedication, and a hybrid approach to coaching and empowering people are essential for achieving entrepreneurial success.

Neil Twa Advice to Entrepreneurs

As an expert in this niche, my best advice is always to research before starting a business. It is also important to stay focused and persistent, even when you face challenges. Leverage your relationships and stay up to date with the latest trends in your industry. And don't be afraid to pivot and change your approach if something isn't working.

Most importantly, in this journey, don’t forget to take care of your physical and mental health. If your body is fit and healthy, it’ll help you work hard, and if your mental health is good, it’ll help you become emotionally and mentally strong. 

Neil Twa’s all strength came from suffering, from hardship which made him unstoppable and strong. 

Dano’s Mantra Towards Life

If you prefer safety over freedom, then entrepreneurship is not for you.


Neil Twa's story is a real example of passion, perseverance, and embracing unique approaches in entrepreneurship. From his background and early experiences to his transition from IBM to launching his own business, Neil's journey is characterized by determination and a relentless pursuit of success. His e-commerce coaching approach, coupled with the secret key takeaways from his achievements, serve as invaluable resources for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Q: What is Voltage?

A: Voltage is an eCommerce coaching and consulting firm that helps clients build, scale, exit, and acquire eCommerce companies.

Q: What is a DISC assessment profile?

A: A DISC assessment profile is a tool to determine an individual's behavioral style and preferences.

Q: What type of people thrive in e-commerce?

A: People with a steady and conscientious work history or those who understand the clear path and way to do certain things in business will thrive in the e-commerce

Q: What are the key takeaways from Neil's journey?

A: The key takeaways from Neil's journey are the importance of passion and perseverance, building a brand that can last for years, and diversification and investing in other businesses.


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