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It's amazing how much Omar and I have in common. Running an Agency serving Amazon sellers, a passion for martial arts, growing up in Germany, living in Malaysia, Labuan offshore company... and the list goes on. Want to know how suitable UAE is for digital nomads? Omar has the answer.


Omar Angri was featured in DefDevice podcast, an inspirational entrepreneur and business leader. The audience learns from Omar's personal and professional paths throughout their fascinating talk. Omar's journey from Morocco, Turkey, Malaysia, and the UAE to the agency company is full of adventure, tenacity, and entrepreneurial energy.

About Omar Angri

Omar is a successful entrepreneur and business leader who has combined his love of kickboxing, e-commerce, and travel. Omar's multicultural upbringing in Germany, Morocco, and other countries shaped his entrepreneurial spirit and global market perspective. His agency, Margin Business, helps Amazon sellers succeed. Due to his years of experience and knowledge, entrepreneurs trust Omar. Omar's website has more information.

Transforming Tradition

Kitty's traditional Chinese upbringing in England instilled discipline and cultural values in her. Her father discouraged her from becoming a dance choreographer. Kitty pursued dance as a hobby while searching for another creative outlet.

Omar's Travels and Culture

Omar's diverse cultural background and love of travel give him a unique perspective on markets and customers. Omar has lived in Germany, Kuala Lumpur, and Morocco. Omar and Dano bond over their love of travel and exploration, resulting in a lively conversation.

Successful Discipline

Omar emphasizes discipline's importance for success during their conversation. He believes personal growth requires consistent discipline, regardless of personal preferences. Omar compares his fitness routine to other aspects of life, emphasizing the importance of pushing oneself to complete tasks. Omar believes routines can help children succeed in life.

Do you really think I like to go train, get into the ring, and start sparring every day? I don't really like it, you know, but I have to do it because my body demands it and it's something I need to do. - Omar Angri

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Omar believes that while entrepreneurship is available to everyone, not everyone wants to pursue it. He supports entrepreneurs and values traditional workers. Entrepreneurship and leadership are discussed in terms of personal and professional growth.

Graphic Design to Kickboxing Gear

Omar started a graphic design business in 2000. Dano founded "Deaf Design," a graphic design agency, at the same time. Omar admits that he lacked the discipline to fully commit to his ventures, causing financial difficulties and a need for reassessment.

Omar traveled to Paris and worked in the corporate world while pursuing kickboxing, undeterred by setbacks. He opened an online shop in France after discovering a kickboxing protective gear niche. Omar's kickboxing gear business struggled, but it fueled his entrepreneurial spirit and prepared him for future ventures.

E-Commerce and Consulting: Margin Business

For 12 years, Omar and Emily have focused on Margin Business. Margin Business helps Amazon sellers optimize and expand their sales channels. Omar's entrepreneurial journey combines his love of kickboxing with his e-commerce and business consulting skills.

Entrepreneurship and Family

Omar and Emily have prioritized family over entrepreneurship. Omar believes in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. He acknowledges the difficulties of juggling responsibilities but stresses the importance of family time. Omar and Emily support their family while pursuing their entrepreneurial goals by communicating and setting boundaries.

Challenges and Failures

Omar has struggled and failed as an entrepreneur. These experiences have given him resilience and growth. Omar advises aspiring entrepreneurs to embrace challenges, which often lead to innovation and personal growth. Entrepreneurs can adapt, improve, and succeed by viewing failures as lessons.

Networking and Cooperation

Omar emphasizes networking and collaboration in entrepreneurship. He values connecting with like-minded people and industry experts. Collaborations offer knowledge-sharing, mentorship, and professional networking. Omar constantly seeks out talented people who share his passion and drive, demonstrating the transformative power of collaboration.

Future Entrepreneurship

Omar believes entrepreneurship will succeed. He thinks technology and information will keep entrepreneurs on an even playing field. In an ever-changing business landscape, he stresses adaptability and staying ahead. Entrepreneurs can overcome challenges and seize opportunities by embracing innovation, using digital platforms, and having a growth mindset.

Key Takeaways

  • Omar stresses the value of discipline for personal and professional progress. Discipline unlocks potential by keeping a schedule and doing unpleasant chores.
  • Entrepreneurship and Leadership: Omar believes everyone can become a leader if they want to. Entrepreneurship is an attitude that encourages people to take responsibility for their lives and make a difference in their communities.
  • Omar's journey shows the value of embracing opportunity and adaptability. He demonstrates endurance and openness to new experiences, from traveling to e-commerce opportunities.


  • Is entrepreneurship possible without business experience? Absolutely! Entrepreneurship is open to anyone. It's about vision, resourcefulness, and measured risks. Despite your schooling, you can succeed in entrepreneurship with determination and a willingness to learn.
  • How can I keep motivated during hard times? Long-term success requires staying motivated during tough times. Set attainable goals, find a supporting community, and celebrate tiny wins. Visualize your "why" and your influence. Finally, take care of yourself to recharge and stay resilient.
  • Brand-building strategies? Understanding your target demographic and what makes you unique is the first step to branding success. Create a brand story that matches clients' values. Provide excellent customer service, great products, and social media and content marketing engagement. Brands need trust and honesty.
  • Can I adapt my company's strategies to shifting markets? Success requires market adaptation. Industry developments, customer behavior, and new technologies Be open to new markets, techniques, and methods. Customer feedback and competition monitoring help you stay nimble and make smart business decisions.


Passion, resilience, and a growth mindset powered Omar's entrepreneurial journey. Omar's journey includes graphic design, kickboxing gear, and e-commerce consulting. Aspiring entrepreneurs can learn discipline, balance, embracing challenges, and collaboration from his experiences.

Omar's journey inspires entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs can succeed by following their passions, being disciplined, and learning from mistakes. With the right mindset and determination, anyone can succeed like Omar in entrepreneurship.


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