Online Business Portfolio

If you want to benefit from the growth of online businesses, then you came to the right place. Your assets and our experience in online growth marketing present a perfect win-win opportunity.


In today's dynamic digital landscape, countless online businesses across diverse industries, including E-commerce and SaaS, are available for purchase through popular broker websites. These businesses are uniquely positioned for success, as they can be managed from anywhere globally, eliminating the need for a local presence.

The Opportunity

At DefDevice, we are your strategic partners in acquiring, operating, and expanding online businesses. Our value proposition is simple: you provide the capital, and we leverage over two decades of experience in the operation and growth of online ventures.

What You Can Expect

Acquisition Cost:
The cost of acquiring an online business is tailored to your investment preferences, ranging from $100,000 to $10 million.

Due Diligence Fee:
A nominal 3% fee, added to the acquisition cost, covers thorough research, acquisition expenses, and comprehensive due diligence.

Portfolio Building:
We meticulously select and assemble a portfolio of online businesses, aligning with the total amount of your investment. Our focus is on identifying businesses with solid growth potential and legitimacy.

Hands-Off Management:
After acquiring these businesses, we take the lead in the transition process, including daily operations and growth strategies.

Investor Payouts:
You receive a hassle-free quarterly payout of your share of the ongoing revenue, ensuring a steady stream of returns on your investment.

Exit Strategy

Value Enhancement: Our dedicated team focuses on growing the businesses within the portfolio, continually striving to increase their value.

Strategic Selling: We employ a strategic approach, listing businesses for sale when their value has appreciated to at least 150% of the acquisition cost, subject to your approval.

Shared Gains: Upon a successful sale, we share the added value equally, with you retaining 50% of the proceeds.

Example Scenario

Let's illustrate with an example: If we acquire a business for $1 million and manage to achieve a 50% growth in its value within 12 months, it becomes worth $1.5 million. Upon selling it, you receive $1.25 million, while we claim our 50% share of the added value ($250,000). Your total return on investment, after deducting the 3% acquisition fee, is $382,000, equivalent to an impressive 38.2%.

Risk Mitigation

Recognizing that all investments carry inherent risks, we employ rigorous risk mitigation strategies. While we endeavor to minimize risk factors, unforeseen events and marketplace fluctuations may impact monthly revenue and value. Our experienced team remains vigilant in safeguarding your investments.

Ready to Invest?

If you are eager to explore the lucrative world of online business investments with DefDevice, simply fill out the form below. Our dedicated team will guide you through this rewarding journey of portfolio diversification and passive income generation.