Hear the inspiring life stories of business leaders, entrepreneurs and coaches who I was fortunate to have as a guest on my podcast.

Welcome to our in-depth exploration of the blog featuring Aylin, the CEO of AA Executive Consulting. Today, Aylin shares her depth insights on how happiness is about perceiving reality and expectations and finding balance in the

Aylin Altuntas: How Happiness is about perceiving Reality and Expectation

I have listened to many success stories of entrepreneurs, and Neil Twa is one of them; how Neil Twa's transformed from an IBM employee to a Profitable E-commerce coach. How was Neil Twa's life Journey? How

Neil Twa’s Life Journey: An IBM Employee to An E-commerce Coach at Voltage 

As an entrepreneur and expert in the Amazon business and online marketing industry, Norman Farrar has helped countless individuals build their brands and grow their businesses.In this podcast interview with Dano, Norman talks about his life

Norman Farrar’s Life Journey – What it Takes to Be an Entrepreneur

The inspiring story of a successful e-commerce entrepreneur. In this conversation with Dano, John shares his experiences as an engineer, Amazon seller, and agency CEO. He provides valuable insights and advice on how to start and

From Engineer to Amazon Seller to Agency CEO: John Cavendish’s Life Journey

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