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Press Coverage

Advanced Product Launch Strategy For Amazon Sellers

You launched a new product on Amazon. And so far, you are the only one who knows about it. Not exactly the best situation to be in when you are looking for customers to find and buy your product right?
Yes, you can start posting on social media, write blog posts, reach out to influencers and bloggers. That's all good. And takes a lot of time. But what if you could get an article about your product launch posted on 200+ websites within days? Showing up on Google News and getting backlinks from all these high authority sites? Press releases for Amazon sellers can accomplish just that.

Press releases for amazon sellers

What Is A Press Release?

A Press Release (PR) is a news-worthy article (typically 350-1000 words), written in a certain format, which is submitted to a news network. It can contain an image and a link to your website.

We have access to a news network of over 400 sites. And you don't have to worry about writing the PR  - we take care of that. 

All you have to do is submit your product details, image and company details. We make press releases for Amazon sellers easy.

Here Is How It Works

We do the writing, formatting and submission for you.

Press releases for amazon sellers step 1

1. You Submit Details
You send us the info about your product & images, your company details and the link you'd like to include in the PR

Press releases for amazon sellers step 2

2.  We Write It
We will write the PR according to PR guidelines and send it to you for approval.

Press releases for amazon sellers step 3

3. We Submit It
Upon your approval, we will submit the article to our news network. It will typically be published within 3 working days.

Press releases for amazon sellers step 4

4. You Get The Report 
You will receive a detailed report containing all the news sites it was published on plus a Google ranking report.

The Benefits

  • Get instant exposure on hundreds of news websites
  • Boost credibility for your brand
  • Show up in 'Google News' and other search engines 
  • Influencers and affiliates tend to pick up products featured in the news 
  • Generate hundreds of backlinks to your listing or website
  • Improve rankings for your website / listing
  • Receive traffic from the Press Releases 
  • Being featured in the media is great content to share on your social media channels

Multi-Media PR - The Next Level

Multi media press release

A Multi-Media Press Release is a brand new service we offer. It's a traditional press release plus:

  • A done-for-you video with captions and voice-over submitted to Youtube and Vimeo
  • Done-for-you slideshow submitted to SlideShare
  • A blog post published on multiple blogs
  • A podcast posted on multiple platforms

This content blast is clearly one of the most efficient tools available to create an instant buzz around your product or brand. 

Choose Your Plan And Get Published

If you see the the check-out options below you're in luck since we can only take on 5-6 new clients per month.
Reserve your release now and get noticed.

Single press release

You send us the info about your product and company and your best product images.


/ one ​time

  • We write the PR for you
  • We submit the PR to our news network (200+ sites)
  • It gets published within 3 working days
  • You get the distribution report

In addition to the standard PR, we will create and publish a video, a slideshow, a blog post and a podcast.


/ one ​time

  • PR, video, slideshow, blog post and podcast done for you
  • Submission to 200+ news sites plus Youtube, Vimeo and more 
  • It gets published within 3 working days
  • You get the a full report plus the content
Montly press release

With this plan you'll get a monthly PR written and published by us. A great way to build up momentum and visibility.


/ month

  • We write one PR per month
  • We submit the PR to our news network (200+ sites)
  • It gets published within 3 working days
  • You get the distribution report




How much traffic can I expect form a Press Release?

It depends on search volume for your product and the competition. 

Will I get a report?

Yes - a very comprehensive one. It will include links to all publications and recorded keyword rankings on Google.

Who writes the PR?

We will - so you don't have to worry about format / style / components of a Press Release. 

Will the news articles rank in Google?

Yes. Even very competitive keywords will rank in the "Google News" section for a few days.  Less competitive  / long tail keywords will rank long term.

What kind of links can I include in a press release?

The link should be short and simple (dp URL or canonical URL for listing). No affiliate or encrypted links. 

Can you show me an example of a Press Release?

Sure. Take a look here or here.

Case Study

I submitted a press release about a new product launch. The PR was picked up by a major review site in my niche. They published a review on their site. My sales went form 5 units a day to over 100 units a day (and I ran out of stock the same week).
This is not a typical scenario. But like with any other publishing efforts we make to promote our products - social media, blog posts, influencers - there is no direct link to products sold. We build up awareness for our product and brand, create multiple touch points for customers. And the compound effect eventually moves the needle. I think press releases are a very effective way to move that publicity needle.

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