Amazon Product Launch System: 

Get Ranked, Get Reviews, Make Profitable Organic Sales

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Launching a product on Amazon comes with two challenges: ranking and getting reviews. We built, tested and optimised a Messenger-based Ranking Bot system to do just that.

The Product Launch Challenge

You did your product research. Found a supplier, ordered the sample, ordered the first batch of inventory. Took care of the listing copy and product images. Finally your shipment arrives in the Amazon warehouse and is ready to sell. But it doesn't. No reviews - no ranking - no sales.

About Ranking On Amazon

Why is ranking so important?
Ranking is how we benefit from Amazon's enormous amount of traffic. As soon as we rank on page one for a relevant search term with a decent amount of traffic, we start making sales without paying for advertising (PPC or external traffic). And that's when we make money. In short: no ranking - no profit.

How do we rank our listing on page one?
Amazon's ranking algorithm (A9) considers a bunch of data points. But the most relevant one is - surprise: full price buys for a specific search term.
Let's say 'Canary Bird Cages' on page one sell on average 10 units per day. If you want your product to rank on page one, you will have to match that number in daily sales. My system allows you to do just that - create the full price buys you need to rank. It goes without saying that you also need a good product and listing and a decent amount of reviews. And at least for the reviews part, my system will help as well.

ranking bot product tester community

The Solution

At the core of this  Amazon product launch system is your  product tester community. A Mystery Shoppers Club.
Members of the community test (your) product and get paid through PayPal after submitting their feedback. 
When a client sends a message to your Facebook page, our Ranking Bot takes over and does all the talking. All you need to do is send PayPal payments to those who have submitted their feedback. 

Here Is How It Works:

All the heavy-lifting is done by the chat bot. The only step that needs your action is step 5 - where you refund the customer and decide weather you want to ask for a review or not.

Amazon Product Launch System step 1

1. Facebook Ad
Targeting a suitable audience for your product, we send traffic to Messenger of your Testing Community Facebook Page

Amazon Product Launch System step 2

2.  Interview
Messenger subscribers enter the ranking bot sequence to qualify for testing and Paypal payment. If qualified, they are presented with your product link.

amazon ranking system step 3

3. Buy And Test
Subscribers go to Amazon (using your dedicated link) and buy the product.

amazon ranking system step 4

4. Feedback
Following instructions given earlier, buyers submit their feedback through a bot sequence including a photo and a star rating. Feedback is uploaded to a Google sheet and the admin receives a notification.

Amazon Product Launch System step 2 step 5

5. Payment
You submit the payment via Paypal and inform the subscriber about it. If he left a 4-5 star rating, you can send him another message suggesting to submit a review on Amazon.

The Benefits:

  • You get full price buys - no discount coupons needed. Higher ranking relevance.
  • Control the amount of new subscribers / buyers by adjusting the Ad spent per day
  • Build a list of subscribers which you can reach out to any time
  • Rank for specific keywords by using special URLs or asking for search-find-buy 
  • Control the amount of reviews / day 
  • High percentage of reviews with images
  • Receive feedback on your product
  • System runs mostly hands-free but can be adjusted any time. Suitable for several product launches at a time. 

This Course Includes:

Our Ranking Bot Video-Course will provide you with everything you need to know  to set up and run this Amazon product launch system for your business.

  • Setting up your Facebook page
  • Setting up your ManyChat account
  • Google sheet integration (Template included)
  • Installation of the chat bot system (Template included)
  • Customising the bot to your needs and products
  • Setting up the Facebook ads
  • Ongoing support 
  • Membership in our closed Facebook group

Take Control Of Your Rankings

Customers Say:

He is an awesome guy

I have used Dano's services in regards to ManyChat bot and he is awesome.
After we had a skype call and we clarified what we need and how to create the flow he put in placed everything without me having to deal with everything. He is an awesome guy with knowledge about ManyChat and I was pleased to get what I was promised. Thank you Dano!

Dano's system got me ranked in a few days!

I was not ranking organically for my Amazon products. Dano is great to work with. He helped set up the RankingBot system and also helped with monitoring it on a daily basis. The team is cohesive and we're all working for the goal to rank organically for keywords on Amazon and increase visibility and thus, sales.
With Dano and his team setting up the RankingBot system, we were able to get ranked for multiple keywords on Amazon in a relatively short period of time! So were visible on Amazon for a number of high volume keywords that over time increase organic sales. The value of this to any business is priceless.

Very professional, great service :)

Dano & his team set up our Mystery Shoppers Club and quickly found a solution for every issue that came up. Helping us to also manage the daily conversations, they made it very easy to work with this system. The Ranking Bot is a great booster for product launches.

I recommend working with him!

Got into contact with Dano through another seller. Down to earth and direct communication. Knows what he's doing and always willing to help you. I recommend working with him! The ranking bot first had some minor issues setting up. After that everything was smooth and after a week or so we jumped from position 20-30 to 1 with Amazon's Choice. Worked perfectly!

It's just the kind of solution I needed

Dano had me set up super quickly with a FB tester's page + chatbot.
It's just the kind of solution I needed (and I think every serious Amazon seller needs) for ranking and customer feedback. I like to also learn how to do things myself, and Dano is always available to my questions, which are sometimes stupid and something complicated. Love the results and love the service!

Mirela Entrepreneur
Houssam Rabi Private Label Seller
Yonatan Refel Amazon Seller
Henk Amazon Seller
Yani Amazon Seller

Bonus: Ranking Strategy Session with Dano

Having a racing car is not enough to win the race. We also need to know how to drive. I will get on a call with you and help you create your perfect ranking strategy. 

  • Which Keywords to pick
  • How m​​​​​any units to give away and when
  • Over which period of time
  • How to monitor and adjust your campaign

So you can benefit from the experience I gathered from running hundreds of campaigns and get the most out of your ranking investment.


Frequently asks questions:
Q: Is this Amazon product launch system compliant with Amazon TOS?
A: Yes it is, because we are not paying customers for reviews. We simply ask them for feedback in the chat and refund their purchase.

Q: Is this system scalable to several products and countries?
A: Yes it is. The course teaches you how to duplicate the product flows and run campaigns on several products at a time. To run it in countries other than USA, you set up your Facebook ads to target those countries.

Q: What kind of customer acquisition cost should I expect?
A: It varies quite a bit depending on you audience and how attractive your product is perceived to be. A good estimate would be: $0.7 per lead and a 20% conversion rate (one in five leads will actually buy the product), which results in $3.50 per customer.

Q: Can this system be used for existing, not newly launched products?
A: Definitely. It works just as well with aged listings which need a ranking-boost for certain search terms. And you will collect a decent amount of reviews along the way.

My Story

Dano E. Falk - a German Graphics-Designer, Web-Designer, Online-Marketer and Entrepreneur who made Malaysia his second home.
I started doing 'online stuff' 1996 and have built several online businesses and agencies in the past twenty-over years. 
Since 2014, I have been focusing on my Amazon private label business which I sold in September 2019. Since then I am helping Amazon sellers and other businesses with what I've learned (and keep on learning).
I built this system for my own Amazon business. After tweaking and optimising it over several months, I was getting very good results and it became my main tool to rank new and existing products.
 Now you can use it too.

Any Other Questions?

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Dano Falk - Amazon seller,
digital marketer

"Knowing the challenges of product launches from first hand experience, I built and optimised this chat bot based Amazon product launch system for myself. And I am quite happy with the results it creates. Now you can benefit from it too."