The Life Story of Ritu Java – CEO of PPC Ninja

"Don't be afraid to try something different or new" - Ritu Java. 

Ritu grew up in Delhi, India, which at that time was much less crowded than today. In her all-girls school, the focus was more on cultivating qualities of a good wife rather than fostering entrepreneurship. However, Ritu's journey took an exciting turn when she entered the Indian IT industry and seized an opportunity to work in the United States.

Driven by her adventurous spirit, Ritu then relocated to Japan to represent her company and ended up immersing herself in the country's captivating culture for an impressive 17 years. During her time there, she became enamoured with the Japanese way of life.

After the birth of her son, Ritu decided to venture into entrepreneurship. She started her own jewellery manufacturing business and began selling her products on Etsy. However, she faced a significant challenge: her products were not generating sales due to a lack of traffic. This led her to delve into the world of advertising and paid traffic.

With time, Ritu's journey took her to new heights. Today, she successfully runs an Amazon PPC agency, utilizing her expertise in Japanese language and culture to cater to sellers on Amazon Japan.

Join Ritu Java as she shares her inspiring life story, highlighting her experiences in different countries and industries, and how she leveraged her skills and knowledge to build a thriving business in the world of Amazon PPC advertising.

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