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  • Listing Creation & Optimisation
  • Keyword Research
  • Ranking Strategy & Campaigns
  • Reviews Generation
  • Graphics Design
  • A+ Content Creation
  • Account Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • ChatBot-Design and -Marketing
  • Facebook & Google Advertising
  • Facebook Posting Library
  • Influencer and Affiliate Outreach
  • Press Releases
  • Web Design
  • eCom Store Setup

What Our Clients Say:

Perfect partner to bring my business to the next level

Trying to do all by myself, as I couldn't find the right partner to work with, lead to many projects being parked with very slow progress. I admire the efficiency of DefDevice, especially Dano and Aj, suggesting customised solutions and helping to implement them fast.

DefDevice's flexibility and their attention to my comments and ideas made them my perfect partner to bring my business to the next level. Having more clients, having more online tools and presence overall with higher exposure in the market.

Still awesome!

It’s now been well over a year since we first worked with Dano to build our site and make it live. Though we couldn’t have anticipated the effect Covid would have on the world and our business, we have been super happy and impressed with the support received during these Covid times.

Through their superb maintenance service DefDevice have helped us make sure our site is continuously updated and running smoothly and efficiently despite all the changes currently going in the world.

We’re very happy with our website as well as DefDevice and are glad to continue working with them as our business navigates turbulent times and we adjust accordingly. A very big thanks to Dano for the excellent and professional work! Liam, Owner

I recommend working with him!

Got into contact with Dano through another seller. Down to earth and direct communication. Knows what he's doing and always willing to help you. I recommend working with him! The ranking bot first had some minor issues setting up. After that everything was smooth and after a week or so we jumped from position 20-30 to 1 with Amazon's Choice. Worked perfectly!

Dano Teaches How to Catch a Fish (instead of selling you an expensive fish)

It was a puzzle for me how to rank on top of page one and stay there. Now I know.
The RankingBot course is very straight-forward. I finished it within 3-4 days. It was easy to implement everything and customize it for my products. There were some minor errors I made during the process which were easily fixed by Dano.

I started running the system targeting 3 keywords at once which were ranking on positions 23, 35, and 19. Exactly 2 weeks later, I am ranking positions 3, 3, and 7! And during some moments of the day, I even rank position 1. For a total search volume of 5000 searches per month, it cost me 113 giveaways. Surprised by the fast results. BTW: as a side bonus, I obtained 23 reviews in 3 weeks which is amazing as well :-)

Having an expert like Dano look through your online assets is an amazing eye-opener.

I've just completed a digital asset assessment with Dano. It's worth every penny and can help you make more money. I am truly impressed by the details and the data captured and his ability to turn the data into practical solutions to make the site more user friendly.

You may think like I did - that I know a lot about social media, SEO, Google rankings etc... but having an expert like Dano look through your websites, social media pages, branding, etc is an amazing eye-opener.
If you have a website and/or social media assets, talk to Dano and let him assess whether you have unlocked the full potential of your digital assets. Good job Dano, I'm very happy with the analysis and the report.

Dano's system got me ranked in a few days!

I was not ranking organically for my Amazon products. Dano is great to work with. He helped set up the RankingBot system and also helped with monitoring it on a daily basis. The team is cohesive and we're all working for the goal to rank organically for keywords on Amazon and increase visibility and thus, sales.
With Dano and his team setting up the RankingBot system, we were able to get ranked for multiple keywords on Amazon in a relatively short period of time! So were visible on Amazon for a number of high volume keywords that over time increase organic sales. The value of this to any business is priceless.

He is an awesome guy

I have used Dano's services in regards to ManyChat bot and he is awesome.
After we had a skype call and we clarified what we need and how to create the flow he put in placed everything without me having to deal with everything. He is an awesome guy with knowledge about ManyChat and I was pleased to get what I was promised. Thank you Dano!

Very professional, great service :)

Dano & his team set up our Mystery Shoppers Club and quickly found a solution for every issue that came up. Helping us to also manage the daily conversations, they made it very easy to work with this system. The Ranking Bot is a great booster for product launches.

A seamless done-for-you service expertly executed

We were trying to run rebate promotions through a chatbot system via Facebook/ Manychat. We faced many issues such as Facebook disabling our ads, blocking our Facebook page from sending messages and the list goes on. It was difficult to run a campaign for more than a few days without getting into some form of 'trouble' with Facebook. Despite reading through the latest Facebook policies and tweaking our ads and chatbot flows, these problems persisted. It was a very good experience overall.

Dano took the time to understand the issues we were facing and what our goals were through an initial consultation call. He then offered a few potential solutions for us and explained how each of them would be executed. In the end we took up the done-for-you package where the whole chatbot system (including Facebook marketing) was set up for us. They even handled the customer service on Manychat for us. Their team was also quick to make any changes we wanted to make throughout the whole campaign period.

Overall, we were very pleased with the service which we felt was seamless from the start till the stage where the system and campaign were operational. The service took the frustration and uncertainty of having to deal with fickle Facebook compliance issues out of the picture, and we were able to successfully launch a market a new product of ours.

The chatbot and rebates system implemented by Dano and his team was also a great improvement from the previous system we had, in that the rebate delivery was fully integrated into the system (we previously had to deliver and account for the rebates in a semi manual way). Having this part of marketing handled by Dano's team who are experts in this area also freed up our time to focus on other areas of the business that we wanted to focus on like new product development.

I would highly recommend this service if you or your business wants a very quick way to start your chatbot/ rebates marketing, especially when your time and attention are tied on other areas of your business.

Extremely helpful and totally dedicated towards growing my business

My product was not ranking on page one for many relevant keywords. Dano and his team had been extremely helpful and totally dedicated towards assisting my business to achieve a certain monthly net profit amount and ranking for several main keywords. Their responses are always prompt and their services are always effective and efficient. They are always happy to assist my business even when faced with unexpected and difficult challenges. We always have excellent communication and they always carried out the tasks which meets my requirements and expectations. They assisted my business in building a powerful ranking system whereby I can use this system to increase my product’s visibility on any keyword that I desire. As a result, my product is now ranking highly on page one on several keywords with medium or low search volumes.

It's just the kind of solution I needed

Dano had me set up super quickly with a FB tester's page + chatbot.
It's just the kind of solution I needed (and I think every serious Amazon seller needs) for ranking and customer feedback. I like to also learn how to do things myself, and Dano is always available to my questions, which are sometimes stupid and something complicated. Love the results and love the service!


We didn't have an automated bot to handle a significant amount of enquiries.
From the get go, Dano was focused on the outcomes we were looking at. He worked towards our goal and helped us achieve it. He was responsive, thoughtful and had great follow up after the project had ended. He continues to provide value to our company. I would highly recommend DefDevice to anyone who is looking to improve bot automation in their business.
We managed to automate and action certain goals we had and are happy with the results.

Our experience working with DefDevice was wholly positive

We had just completed the renovation and refurbishment of a new boutique guest house in south of France but did not have any functioning way to promote our business, reach our customer base nor take bookings from guests. Having approached a few website design companies about building our site but being unimpressed with their feedback about implementing our design ideas we were recommended to consider using DefDevice web services. Our experience working with Dano at DefDevice was wholly positive. We had a website design layout template but no knowledge of how to implement that idea, DefDevice clearly setout the website building process for us step by step in easy to understand language. During construction, they consulted with us at each step before finalizing design and functionality and moving to the next stage. We received quick and clear feedback to our design questions, which were resolved with helpful and proactive answers that improved upon our initial ideas and found working with them resolving any design issues that popped up during the process to be hassle-free. We now have a fully functioning website that not only looks the part but has also been tailored during the building process to promote and further grow our business. We believe that it will help us to better reach our customers, giving them an intuitive and easy to navigate platform where to explore our different boutique services on offer, then quickly and easily complete their booking type and service selections. We’re very pleased with the website and design service by DefDevice and look forward to working with them again in the future as our business grows and we build further services and functionality into our site. A big thanks to them for their excellent and very professional work!

Riad Hechame CEO / Owner Peak Human Performance
Henk Amazon Seller
Diederik Kroese CEO
Dr Lennie Owner
Houssam Rabi Private Label Seller
Mirela Entrepreneur
Yonatan Refel Amazon Seller
Jayden Teo co-founder of E-commerce business
Steven Lum
Yani Amazon Seller
Lucas S. CEO
Liam White Owner

"If you're looking for an expert in the E-commerce space – take a look at DefDevice."

- Robbie MacNeil


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