The #1 Challenge When Selling Online

When shopping online, many of us have second thoughts on buying from a new online store because of one major factor - trust. Why is that?

If we compare our online shopping experience to a retail store:

- We see where this place is physically.

- We can see what's the condition of the place - Is it in good shape, is it clean?

- We can probably see the owner behind the counter, there's a friendly face.

- We can see customers buying from the store

- We see the inventory and the size of the store.

All this important information is available to us within 10 seconds.

Now let's compare that to going to an online store:

1. We see a website - we don't know where this business is located. 

2, We don't know who is behind this business.

3. We don't know if other people are buying there.

4. We don't know if they will actually deliver.

5. We don't know if we can trust that the product will solve our problem.

6. Will there be product support?

7. Is the payment going to work out?

8. Will they ship on time?

There are just so many doubts and questions in our minds.

And all these questions need to be answered.

So, before anyone buys from our online store we have to do our best to address all these questions. And, the way to do that is to provide all these pieces of trust in our storefront.

1. Testimonials

Show that other people are buying from us and that they're happy with their purchase. That's the number one trust-building element we can provide.

2. Be very clear about the products

Provide an excellent description, good pictures, videos - showing how these products are being used.

3. Introduce the people behind this business

Your storefront attracts your customers. They should be able to see a friendly face, someone who is trustworthy. Show who the person is behind this shop, who is the owner? Have an about page with a personal message. Showing who you are, what you’re about. Include the physical address, and of course the email address - so people know how to reach you.

4. Make sure that they know there is support

Make sure that it's easy for people to connect and reach out if there's any problem.

Implementing all these trust elements is what makes or breaks our online selling success. 

This is Dano from Def Device about creating trust in your online store. If you have any questions, just comment below.

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