Ecommerce Growth Hack: the VLC Lead Capture System

Get 150 Leads Out Of Every 1000 Store Visitors

Result: rapid growth of your email list, conversions and sales.

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The Ecommerce Challenge:

You spend a lot of time and money to drive traffic to your website, but at least 97% of your visitors leave without buying or filling out a form. Why?

  • Distraction
  • Wants to do more research
  • Just isn’t ready yet

We tried every method we could find to recover this loss. Nothing improved conversions by more than one to three percent. Until we found a new technique.

The Solution

ecommerce conversion

Our System identifies your anonymous site visitors. When a database match is found, you get their full name and email address within seconds. Success rate: around 15%. So out of 100 visitors, we add 15 new leads to your list on average.

We then add the leads to an email campaign which typically converts at 10-20% in the first week.

Result: You just doubled your conversion rate. Not to mention the life time value of your leads list which is now growing 12 times faster than with any traditional method.

VLC turns lost visitors into a list of contacts you own. 

Now you no longer rely on Google or Facebook to communicate with your audience. These are leads that have shown interest in your brand and your products. You can market to them without restrictions again and again.

Results Our Customers Get:

Wine Store

CPC Savings: 85%
Click Rate: +12%
ROI: 40 x

Client says: “VLC is the single best growth hacking tool I have ever come across in 25+ years of being an ecommerce entrepreneur. Never before have I seen 40x+ ROI, anywhere."

Food Store

Open Rate: +24%
Click Rate: +12%
List Growth: 7 x

Client says: "I love VLC. We've gone from 100 to 600-800 emails per day. In all my years online, this is one of the biggest breakthroughs I've ever seen.

Health & Wellness Store

Captured Leads: 2,000+
Timeframe: 3 Months
ROI: 9.25 x

Client says: “The changes at Facebook and Apple are making driving and converting traffic more difficult to navigate every day. The VLC System has come the rescue, filling our list with new, targeted, and engaged emails.”

Fashion Store

CPC Savings: 85%
Click Rate: +12%
ROI: 10 x

Client says: "We saw 10x ROI from VLC on Black Friday. We ran two other lead generation campaigns on social media.
Client Capture records were on average 85% less expensive and we did not get a single conversion from any other source."

Interview With Amy Wees from 'Amazing at Home'


Question: Is VLC compliant with email laws?

We are an enterprise-ready solution and 100% compliant with all email collection and marketing laws.

Question: How fast can you get this going?

The whole process happens without you having to do anything technical - just get the results.
It takes just a script on the website / landing pages and we can have the technical setup done in 24-36 hours. Upload your existing customers - we won’t give you your own customers as leads.

Question: Does it work for any store anywhere?

No. In order to deliver on our promise, we need you to have at least 10k unique store visitors per month from the US. The system does not work outside the US. And traffic below 10k will make it difficult to deliver a reasonable ROI.

Sounds Too Good To Be True?

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