VLC Ecommerce Conversion Booster

ecommerce conversion booster

Traffic x Conversions = Sales

If you are in ecommerce business, you are most likely familiar with the formula above. Our sales depend on two factors: traffic and conversion. We shall not talk about traffic here - it's a very relevant topic covered in countless articles.

The second part of the formula - Conversions - has lots of moving parts as well. Have a look at our EcommPlan for an overview. But we won't discuss the multiple on-page optimisation techniques here neither, although I do recommend to optimise your conversion rate as much as possible.

How It Works 

The VLC system creates a second layer of conversions for your store which works completely independent of your current store setup. It works as follows:
'VLC' which stands for Visitors -> Leads -> Conversions. It enables you to capture the email addresses of your bounced store visitors (those who left without buying or opting in) and email them a direct offer 5 minutes after they left. This offer typically converts at 20%. Because we send it to a very 'warm' audience - people who just visited your store.


  • Typically 120% increase in over-all conversions
  • Adding 15% of all your store visitors to your email list


I built this sales simulator so you can use your metrics to see your estimated results. Just enter your monthly traffic using the slider, adjust the conversion rate and see what your sales look like without and with the VLC system in place.

What's Next?

If you'd like to know how VLC would work for your store - just fill out the form below and we'll get back to you shortly. Spoiler alert: VLC currently only works with US audience.