WhatsApp for Teams Solution

Transform Your Customer Engagement with Our WhatsApp Teams Solution

In today's fast-paced digital world, effective customer communication is more crucial than ever. Staying connected with them can distinguish between thriving and merely surviving. 

whatsapp for teams

The standard WhatsApp application comes with several limitations


One team member holds the phone with the WhatsApp app.


You can't send bulk messages to all customers or contacts.


There's no automation for sending specific messages.

Introducing Our Cutting-Edge WhatsApp Solution

We've developed a game-changing system that overcomes these challenges, offering a suite of powerful features designed to supercharge your customer interactions.

1. Seamless Team Collaboration

Say goodbye to the limitations of a single-user WhatsApp account. Our system allows multiple team members to connect on both desktop and mobile. Now, your entire team can stay connected and engage with customers effortlessly, ensuring no message goes unanswered.

2. Personalized Bulk Messaging

Engage with your entire contact list through personalised bulk messages. If it's a special promotion, an important update, or a festive greeting; our solution enables you to reach everyone with relevant tailored messages.

3. Intelligent Automation

Take advantage of advanced automation features to send specific messages triggered by key events. Whether it's an appointment booking confirmation, a birthday greeting, or a follow-up after a purchase; our system ensures timely and relevant communication with your customers.

4. AI-Powered 24/7 Customer Support

Never leave your customers waiting with our AI-generated replies. Our intelligent system can handle inquiries around the clock, providing instant responses and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction, even outside business hours.

how it works

We will:

  1. Create your account in our Customer Management System (CMS).
  2. Add your team members (up to 10 - if more, let's chat)
  3. Import your customer list. If you need help with extracting it from your WhatsApp account - we can do it.

The rest depends on your plan:

DIY (Do it yourself)
You set up your automations and bulk messages on your own following our instructions.

DFY (Done for you)
We set up your campaigns (1 / month) by messaging all your contacts and sending specific messages upon an event trigger.

Full CMS
If you want to use the full capacity of our Customer Management System (CMS), we will include:
- Pipelines: you can allocate your customers to a stage in their journey
- Calendars: book appointments and integrate with tailored messaging
- Invoicing: use the invoicing feature of our CMS
- Email marketing: engage with your customers via email
- Much more like Google Business Profile / social media integration...


Do it yourself




~ RM 460.-

  • CMS account
  • Connect your WhatsApp Number
  • Instructions on how to create bulk messages and automations

Done for you




~ RM 950.-


  • Import your leads
  • Set up your bulk campaigns (1 / mo)
  • Set up automations (2 / mo)
  • Ongoing support and adjustments

Full Customer Management System Access




~ RM 2,350.-


  • Email integration
  • Appointment setting
  • Invoicing
  • Pipelines
  • Trained AI Chatbot
  • Ongoing support and adjustments 

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